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TMasterson5 Mod Family


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TMasterson5 Mod Family






This page contains several mods that I have made in one convenient place. The selection of parts and mods is quite vast so hopefully there is something here for you to enjoy! If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know.

Mods included in this thread:



Addy Industries: Contains several weapons, radars, and ship building parts

Blue Hawk Industries: Contains several weapons, radars, and ship building parts 

Blue Hawk Aerospace: Contains a few weapons and aircraft parts

Red Vs. Blue: Contains many helpful weapons hardpoints, and some missiles

Master Tech Aerospace: Contains plane parts

Master Tech Weapons: Contains several weapons and radars

Stuff and Things: Contains a vast assortment of weapons, radars, ship parts, aircraft parts, and vehicle parts

TMasterson5: Required dependency for any and all mods contained in this thread

Tweakscale Patches: Contains several tweakscale patches I have made for my own use over the years




Download and install the TMasterson5 required folder at this link. This is required for any and all TMasterson5 mods and no TM5 mods will function without it!

Download and install TMasterson5 Armory at this link. Includes weapons, radars, countermeasures, etc...

Download and install TMasterson5 Marine at this link. Includes various ship building parts large and small.

Download and install TMasterson5 Misc at this link. Includes parts for ground vehicles and aircraft.

Download and install TMasterson5 Tweakscale Patches at this link. Includes tweakscale patches for various mods that I use and have patches for already.

Required Dependencies:



"TMasterson5." This is a required dependency for any and all mods contained in the thread, and no parts will show in your game without it. See downloads section for link.

BD Armory: For any weapons, radars, etc to actually function

Community Category Kit: Required to make custom TMasterson5 category show up where all parts from this thread are located

Firespitter: Required  for texture switching

Module Manager


Suggested Dependencies:


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Updated to split all parts into 3 categories; TM5Armory, TM5Marine, and TM5Misc. When downloading ensure you also grab the dependencies or the mods will not function correctly. Enjoy and let me know if you run into any problems!

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On 1/13/2019 at 12:50 AM, Waristheonlyway said:


I expected that response but thanks anyways!

BTW can i use some of the craft in the screenshots

sorry man, there is literally hundreds across all spectrum's of weapons


Do you mean can you have the craft files? for what? Some of them dont belong to me so I would have to track them down.

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13 hours ago, SplendidSky said:

Could you please to tell me which pack includes the RvB mod?I think my RAM cannot support too many mods.

All the parts from all the different mods are split among the different TMasterson5 packs depending on their function

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On 3/3/2019 at 2:35 PM, ephesix said:

I gotta tell you, I love the F-35 you put in there. I had to make some tweaks to make it fly smoothly but I appreciate that you added it 

yeah that thing was a pain in the "bad word here" to get even working at all

30 minutes ago, Starboost88 said:

Is there a download link for Red v. Blue? the link in the old thread for it returns a 404.

I combined all the old mods into this mod to make it easier on me

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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