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[1.8.1] Simple Procedural Engines


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7 hours ago, New Horizons said:

Thank you Stone Blue.

I am not sure how this mod works. I tried on vanialla KSP 1.10.1. There is no additional engine there. Are there any dependencies not listed here?

  1. the mod is for KSP 1.8.1, as is in both the title and the 0.3.1 release announcement.
  2. there is a dependency on RealFuels, as the OP mentions.
  3. the configs are basically written with RSS/RO in mind; while you could config-bash something for stock, it's not something that's supported out-of-the-box.
  4. I recommend using ROEngines as well, as that's the setup that gets regularly tested; but it should also work with the hotchpotch of FASA, Taerobee, plain RO etc. that's listed in the README.
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@soundnfury I'm just setting up a new 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 install, and want to use SPE -- but downloading and installing doesn't seem to work the same way as other mods I've gotten from GitHub.  Usually, I get a .zip file with either the mod folder itself, or ~/GameData/[mod folder] and (presuming CKAN doesn't find it) I just drag/copy the mod folder into Game Data and Bob's yer uncle.

What I can get from GitHub in this case, however, doesn't show up correctly when I drag it into Game Data.  The only .zip I find is source code, and I'm not programmer enough to build from source.  What am I missing?

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Okay, I found the binary download -- and despite being a version intended for 1.8.1, when I try to actually edit an engine in the VAB in my 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 career, the game will instantly crash to desktop.

This may not be due to this mod; I get this a lot with this 1.8.1 install (works fine in stock with Making History and Breaking Ground, but I find I can't play stock any more after almost two years playing RP-1 -- what is Jeb doing riding the VERY FIRST ROCKET ever to fly, instead of letting a basic radio transponder and a couple instruments do it?).  I'm off to post in tech support thread, I presume I'll get no help there (as usual).

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2 hours ago, RP1IsSuperior said:

can you modify the mod to add your own engine series? how difficult is it?

Fairly straightforward if you're accustomed to cfg-bashing.

You need to add two things: a Family (GameData/SPEngine/Families/) and a part to use it (GameData/SPEngine/Parts/).  The two are joined together by the familyLetter.  Look at the existing cfgs to see how it's done; it's pretty simple.

But tbh if there's any engine types that you feel are missing, feel free to make suggestions and I might get around to adding them.  (Currently there's two on my todo-list, the C-class methalox expander (RL10-CH₄) and U-class methalox staged combustion (Raptor); they'd be so late in the tech tree that I would never unlock them which is why I haven't gotten around to it yet.)

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Hey is there a version that works for 10.1,  with all my mods that I have installed and would have to update if I change my game version it would be ideal if there was one that I would not need to update my game version and all my mods.

Let me know if there is or is not one.

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