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Broken game for how long? Micromanaging everthing is a broken game when it is suppose to be space program.

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Are flights so unstable? If you are not micromanaging every flight, which you can only effectively do 1 at a time. I was doing a paratrooper run, and  the pilot Jebadiah is KIA even though when I left the plane it was stable, very slowly climbing. Why?!!! Because I have to micromanage the jumper or they will go splat. Then when I go to tracking station and the plane has disappeared and the pilot is KIA.

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I had two pilots on board. Jebadiah was the main pilot and for fun I was doing an EVA at 300 m/s with Valetina. While she was close by, within 20 km or whatever the limit is, I was swithching back and forth with [ ] keys and the plane was staying in a stable flight without me touching any keys, but when I was out of range and had landed I switched via the tracking station and the plane had disappeared and Jeb was declared KIA. This was just a split flight. I've been in the habit of having one Kerbonaut base jump while having my landers come down with fully deployed 'chutes. Passes the time better than just watching the numbers sink. I land my kerbonaut nearby and re-enter the capsule or what not. Free entertainment for the tourist.


This is a bug actually since there is no reason for the plane to crash within a minute or what have it takes to land and switch. If you notice the [ ] switching is almost instant and I don't think their is a savings going on like when you switch out to the tracking station and the long load in between each, which should not be reflected in the "game chronology" of events. After switching to the tracking or such you can't revert flights, but it shouldn't kill them off either.

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41 minutes ago, Feiwuzei said:

Still a broken mechanism.

I think you're still missing the point of the replies above.   KSP is a game designed for space flight.  The removal of vehicles in the air was required for the game play to be smooth and playable.   Over time, people started doing the things you wanted to do, and they also ran into the same limitations.  So a variety of mods have been developed to handle this issue, and make the game playable in a way it wasn't intended to be. 

The mechanism isn't broken, it does exactly what it was intended to do.   This is like getting upset your car can't go sideways to help parallel park.  The base design isn't good at it, but there are features that can be added to make it doable. 

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