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Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?


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My naming scheme is usually like 'F-27 Eagle' or whatever, as I usually do military builds. For spacestations, it's usually KerbHub or SS1. For modules of stations or bases, it's like 'MarsOne Rover' 'MarsOne Drilling', and so on. Sometimes when I do meme builds (screwing around with tweakscale, cheats, everything), it's like 'Abomination' 'What is this' 'Destroyer of Worlds'.

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Reverse alphabetical order as the game progresses through the tech tree and mission duration. That way the newest crafts with the most advanced parts are at the top.

Worthless SciSat --> Terrible Relay --> Shi**y Lander --> Pitiful Base --> Mediocre Plane --> Inferior Depot --> ... --> Dismal Manned Interplanetary --> Crap STOL --> Acceptable Deepspace Ion



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Most are by function "Mun Tour Lander", "Kerbin Orbit Rescue", etc. Long term satellite contracts get the end date in the name so I know when a satellite no longer has to stay in a particular orbit. "Mun Mag Study D274"  Resource transports get named after oil spills.

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I tend to mimic real space missions, for example my early career satellites are called "kutnik" , then the mun exploration crafts are called " muna 1, muna 2 etc", you have the "minimuna 1, 2 etc" craft for minmus. And for manned crafts, I go with "Kermini", "Kerbollo", "Kostok". For fictional missions or those that differ too much from real life, I go with greek/roman gods and classical names such as "Ares" for Duna, "Juno" for Jool...

My bases and stations are named with Russian names such as "Zvezda" as IRL the Russians built the most stations...

My relaysare always called with acronyms (for networks) such as "KRS - 1" for Kerbin Relay System 1. My contract satellites are called, as in real life, with the name of the client and a number (e.g "Owl - 1")

Not really original I guess, I should vary a bit but afterwards I just forget what the craft does/did. And I don't reuse crafts anyway as 90% of the fun comes from building a mission from scratch in my opinion :)

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Initial naming scheme goes down two lines:

X-1 series - Distance/altitude

X-2 series - X-1 derivative but with geared toward science gathering. 

X-1 craft is the first built, small solid booster, crew capsule, and the only version with any science modules.  

Once the science is processed, the X-1-A uses the upgraded motor etc I just researched and queued for build (I use KCT) and then I add science modules then save as the first X-2. Several get queued for build as I'm lobbing them at the easy science nearby. 

Subsequent X-2 models are build once overall range has seen a significant improvement. 

 Once I reach orbital capability, both X-series are discontinued. 

 The C-series are cargo vessels, P-series are passenger craft for tourist trips, S are science specific models, DL-series handles satellite launches. 

 Series numbering is determined by reach.  Eg. C-1 is a Kerbin-only capable craft. P-2 passenger craft can handle trips to either moon.  P-3s are capable of near-orbit transfers like Eve and Duna... subseries indicate updates or additional major equipment.  Slightly more life support, increased battery capacity, additional antenna support, etc. 

 Specific mission-named ships are generally done for purpose firsts, like Apollo-1 is my Mun focused first-lander with heavy science capability.  Apollo-2 is generally slightly refined but similar and focused for Minmus.  KGN series are all rockets for erecting my Kerbin Geosynchronous Network, Hermes series are planetary body uplinks to provide baseline coverage for each body... and Cerberus missions are my minmus orbiting refueling station and associated nuclear tugs. 


I might be a little obsessive? Or lazy? *shrug*

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On 2/10/2019 at 10:32 PM, Xavven said:

I was surprised to see there are so many people using abbreviated codes to designate a spacecraft's purpose. Kinda reads like part numbers, not that there's anything wrong with that. I can see it being very efficient for finding what you need, or knowing what a crafts capabilities are without having to try to remember, or having to actually look at the design.

"The battery was a lithium thionyl chloride nonrechargeable. I figured that out from some subtle clues: the shape of the connection points, the thickness of the insulation, and the fact that it had "LiSOCl2 NON-RCHRG" written on it."

- Mark Watney, The Martian

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 My use of abbreviated codes is partly being lazy (ie not wanting to type out all sorts of crap) and somewhat a case of utility... consistent naming conventions mean you can tell capability at a glance provided your convention revolves around that.  Saves screenspace, too. P-3-D us a lot shorter than "Duna Passenger craft - No science - Life support (3y) - 8k dV+lander"

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Mine typically have an abbreviation followed by the name, usually drawn from other media or references the purpose of the craft, then an iteration number if necessary. A few examples:

KORE Munseer - Kerbin Orbital Research Engine (a ship class designed for missions within Kerbin's SOI), Munseer is a flyby of Mun.

KORE Munstrider - Same as above, but Munstrider is a Mun lander

KSS Pyjak - Kerbin Space Station (any station in Kerbin's SOI will use this), Pyjak is a small alien from Mass Effect, the KSS Pyjak is the smallest station around Kerbin.

KSS Tuchanka - Same designation as above, the Tuchanka is a sizeable station around Mun, serving as a research lab and refuelling station for repeatable Mun landings.

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I usually name with <destination> <role> and go from there with a series of applicable suffixes.

Manned crafts may be Orbiter, Transport (Kerbal capacity), Refinery, Launcher (usually cargo of some sort), Miner, Rover, Explorer (full sci array), Lander, Hopper (lander designed for multiple landings on same low-gravity body), SSTO, etc.

Probes are usually 1 way named for their destination and Comsat (signal relays), Survey, or Surface Probe.

Suffixes I may add are (LR) Long Range, or an extended dV version of another ship, (NS) for non-solar electrical generation, (At) for having components requiring an atmosphere to work, (Vac) for landers designed for vacuum worlds, or (LFO) for liquid fuel only: no need for oxidizer.

I also have some ships that include the word Double or Triple to denote multiple probes built into a single launcher. Usually a surface probe with detachable Survey or Comsats.

So I end up with crafts like my "Explorer Lander (NS)(ISRU)" that can gather sci data from every moon of Jool, "Ike Survey Comsat", and "Pol Refinery (NS)"

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I should point out, I've really been enjoying the per-command-pod naming though I wish it was a bit easier to do. Not EVERYTHING needs to go into the right-click menus :D

Sadly all that means is I have more boring names.

  • Jool 5
    • Reusable Command Chair
    • Tylo Lander
    • VallPolBop Lander
    • Laythe Plane
    • Orbiter

You can lead a horse(man) to better naming schemes, but you can't get him to name his schemes better.

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Delta if it has a delta wing, K-### for fighters and Gullaby for stupid looking planes. 

For Rockets:

Some Greek or Roman Mythology name like that used in NASA’s rockets or put a K in front of the words eg. Kapollo (Though my real moon missions are called Artemis)

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Abbreviation of type, then iteration, then version, then nickname, something with RCS and docking port will also recieve "Docker".

Kerbal X would be LS-10 "Stereo". Launch Stack Ten. Assuming it is actually the tenth rocket launched. Looks like a stereotypical rocket, doesn't it?

Its orbiter would be OaL-10 "No Chance". Orbiter and Lander Ten. I've once managed to return from the mun on this, but the wiki says no.

Its launcher would be ML-10 "Sparga". Medium Lifter Ten. "Sparga" is "Asparagus" in Russian.

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I honestly just think of a really corny almost greek god type name like "helix" and try to be clever enough to make the name relate to it's job in some way? Also I add "Mk -current version-". So one of my ships is named "Petro Mk.2" (petro short for petroleum because it's a refueling ship) with "Mk. 2" meaning it's the second version of the ship. Idk I like it:D

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I used namings from some Googolism related stuff, such as "Mun Centurion", "Tylo Centurion" and "Eve Centurion" (Centurion is a Googolism by Sbiis Saibian), yet there are milestone names like "Tengen Toppa Centurion" (Dres and back with 200 Kerbals) and "Super Tengen Toppa Centurion" (Double Dres round trip), they're all direct ascent rockets.

My first Jool 5 crafts used a rather lazy, hopefully ridiculous method : Sheep. I remember calling a rocket "Lazy Duna Tourer", i'll be making a Legendirect Ascent Jool 5 with a craft i'll call "Millenia" before stepping to "Transcendent" Grand Tour + with no ISRU, which includes a Jool "landing", Landers are named randomly, like :

"Grizzly Reaper" Eve Lander.

"Big Boi" Fully Reusable Tylo Lander.

"Hex" Laythe Lander.

"Vendetta" Fully Reusable Duna-Vall Lander.

"Electra" Fully Reusable Moho Lander.

"Megawatt" Fully Reusable Semi Universal Lander.

Those are Landers i'll be using for my upcoming Non ISRU "Sheep v3" for finishing Ultimate Challenge, with Fully Reusable "Chimera" Lifter as Ascent Stage.

Spaceplanes will use some "Taxis" suffix from Googology, which means "10 Pentated to n", milestone namings will use Greek God names like "Ares".

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i think of something at the beginning of the save, and add a number for each launch

so the first launch would be (cool name) 1, then (cool name) 2

and when i get to 2.5m parts, I make it (cool name) II 1, then (cool name) II 2

and sometimes i just make a rocket and just call it its version in the line of the thing, like Delta and Atlas kind of stuff

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On ‎2‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 8:32 PM, Aperture Science said:

Hey there.

It's actually been a while since I last played KSP, but after taking a look at a few crafts of mine and the way I named, I got curious:

What naming scheme do you use to name your ships?

I, for instance, used the USAF naming scheme for naming aircraft, and a self-made scheme for naming rocket based on their characteristics, such as:

-Total Stages

-Crewed (if so, how many crewkerbs)

-Carriable cargo, in tons

-Ship ID

-Ship version

-Total delta-V once in LKO, in m/s, sum of all stages


Kerbal-X, for instance, would look something like 3 C/3 0 "Kerbal X" A 4302 (note: 4302 is just an example)


I'm curious to know how you guys name yours, feel free to share!

Name-Stages-Boosters-(If it is crew then I say "Crew", if I make it to be a cargo rocket that that has a launch abort feature it says "Cargo Abort")


Not to long and I can be descriptive

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