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Enerstar S: Elcano circumnavigation by land / World Adventure


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Back at it again for those who saw the previous trip.
I hadn't posted much on my other one but I've completed Duna, Mun, Minmus and Kerbin once

But now.
I've produced a new version of the Enerstar the model S
Because I felt I missed out on a lot of the planet my last time around.  Whole continents i never explored, mountaintops un-flagged.  That's why Enerstar S has 6 engines.  In stress tests the engines were powerful enough to nearly lift the whole thing straight up when at full rev + boost
I haven't gotten it to a "max speed" because I tend to run out of room by the time I reach 190m/s.. but the 'safe' cruising speed is more like 30-50m/s faster than my last one due to being wider and less prone to flip.

Model S has 289 parts total
6 rear engines with afterburner mode for steep climbs
2 reverse engines (which are also.. reversible..)
1 cockpit, 2 crew modules, 2 large ore tanks, 2 ore processors
sensors, heat, gravity, pressure, air sensors, ore scanners, and 1 top area scanner

Dry weight no fuel 50 tons
Full mass (ore and fuel), 100 tons

https://imgur.com/a/QOzMfKv gallery location

Front view






And from the top before my first watercrossing into Sandoland


Mountain climbing

Top/side for a nice look at it

And lastly a topdown comparison of my oldest model when I met up with where I left it

More to come as I get going

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