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Ground-Speed Record without smashing into the Ground?

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Hello Guys, I logged into this forum, because I need help to safely achieve my own ground speed record with stock parts, but there is one problem, which occurs no matter which craft you use. If you finally reach damn high speeds, over 2000ms, You have the problem, that you collide into the terrain. To solve that problem which already occurs at 800 m/s you can put your aerodynamic quality to minimal, then you can achieve speeds over 2000ms easily with sepatrons. But when you start to slow down, you crash into the ground again, but how can you fix that? I already put everything on the lowest settings and put some back to see if it's changing something. What can you do about it? Suggest me Mods or other solutions to fix that.        Stratzenblitz75 already posted something about it: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160697-the-speed-of-ground-a-study-into-how-ksp-terrain-colliders-handle-land-vehicles-with-high-magnitudes-of-velocity/

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30 minutes ago, TiTaNiUmCrYstAL said:

But when you start to slow down, you crash into the ground again, but how can you fix that?

There's not much to fix how the KSP engine handles the collider/wheel physics - as players that's out of our hands. But you could try to brake harder - less time spent trying to stop is less time for the physics to cause an explosion.

If you want an example how, check out this little craft, created as a drag race experiment: https://kerbalx.com/swjr-swis/The-Egg-5b

The 2 sets of elevon 4's in the back start shielded from the airflow, so they don't cause any drag. But as soon as the fairing is staged, they are immediately exposed to airflow. Since they are placed perpendicular to the airflow, you get maximum drag, so they act as a very effective airbrake.

It works just as well in a 1.25m service bay, where you can add the 'toggle bay doors' action into the brake action group. An example craft using this braking system within service bays: https://kerbalx.com/swjr-swis/SpeedyReturn-2b

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The game does not load the entire terrain of the planet into memory at all times. It loads a couple of kilometers of terrain around your location, and then loads more of it as you move in a particular direction. If you move very fast in some direction, you will always eventually exceed the speed that your computer can load new terrain.

If you want to increase your personal limit, you need a faster computer.


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@TiTaNiUmCrYstAL According to Stratzenblitz it loads terrain in blocks/chunks so one heading traveled over a course at specific acceleration/deceleration over a course of time proves better. IIRC I've seen a stratzenblitz youtube comment where he stated he attempted many tries to find a proper successful heading.

Firing Sepatrons to lower framerate to 10 (less or more depending on your own computer and entire vessel) has an effect to achieve quicker decceleration over the same time to escape the terrain colliders.
If you've found a heading to achieve ~2000m/s it doesn't mean the terrain chunks loaded during the deceleration process are in proper alignment as they were to do your acceleration run.
So you need to find a heading that loads the terrain chunks over the full acel/deceleration course. That could be any heading and by all means you have to find a new one to do the job.

Then you have the entire vessel itself. You should have some means to push the vessel down using any elevon and have enough sepatrons to decelerate and to lower framerate. By all means your vessel should look more or less similar to that of stratzenblitz unless you've come up with your own unique creativity.

Got any pictures?


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