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Kerbal Space Program 1.7: “Room to Maneuver” Grand Discussion Thread


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Hello everyone!

Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver has arrived and with it: new features, improvements, revamps and bug fixes!

We are committed to continue supporting, updating and finding ways to improve our player’s experience by listening to our community and delivering substantial releases. As part of this effort, we have packed Kerbal Space Program 1.7:  Room to Maneuver with a great amount of content for you to enjoy!

This update includes two new useful navigation upgrades, the revamp of all of the small maneuvering motors, including new variants for the Twitch, Ant and Spider, as well as a brand new galaxy texture map to have our astronauts mesmerized by the beauty of the celestial vault. A great deal of bug fixes have also been packed into this update, not two mention a new 3.75 meter nose cone and a 5m one for those extra-large fuel tanks in the Making History Expansion!

Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights:

Maneuver Mode

Probably the most impactful feature within this update, the Maneuver Mode is a new navigation tool that gives you access to useful orbital information in both Flight and Map mode that will also allow you to precisely and easily adjust maneuvers nodes, all to help you fine tune your interplanetary transfers.

Altimeter mode toggle

A long-requested quality-of-life feature that will allow you to toggle the altitude mode from Above Sea Level (ASL) to Above Ground Level (AGL) by simply clicking on the new icon to the altimeter. Hopefully this will improve the KSC’s survival rates…


Part revamps

This time around, small maneuvering engines were the focus of our revamping efforts. The Ant, Twitch, Puff, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 Thruster Block, and Vernor Engines now look better than ever, plus the Twitch, Ant and Spider include new stunning variants. On top of that, we’ve added new tuning values on some of those engines.


Galaxy Texture Map Update

The game’s galaxy cubemap has been updated in Room to Maneuver. This environment map has been carefully crafted to reflect a nicer color palette and more defined celestial objects. With double the resolution, it will be impossible not to enjoy the view while exploring Kerbin’s star system.


Click here to see high res images.

Scrollable PAW

Another small quality-of-life feature we’re adding to the game is the addition of a scrollbar to the Part-Action-Window. This will keep the PAW within the bounds of the screen when they get too big, something that might come in handy for players who use mods and fill those up

And more!

To learn more you can read the full Changelog here:

=============================================== v1.7.0 ========================================

+++ Improvements

* Upgraded Galaxy Textures.

* Add new flight UI mode that includes in-depth orbital information.

* Add advanced maneuver node editor, allowing player to edit maneuver nodes more precisely.

* Add an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter. The altitude modes can be switched between AGL and ASL.

* Part Action Windows (PAW)s now generate scrollbars and keep themselves within the bounds of the screen when there is more data than will fit the screen.

* Automatic AGL/ASL toggle values when in orbit. The altimeter value is set as ASL while in orbit, the AGL/ASL setting is preserved.

* The altimeter AGL behaviour when underwater calculates the vessel altitude from the sea floor.

* Update Addons and Mods external site link from Main Menu.

+++ Localization

* A localization tag is no longer displayed in the status section of the PAW of the Advanced Grabbing unit in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 2 tutorial.

+++ Parts

Updated Parts (reskinned):

* 24-77 Twitch

* LV-1 Ant

* LV-1R Spider

* O-10 Puff

* Place-Anywhere 7

* RV-105 Thruster Block

* Vernor Engine

Color Variants:

* 24-77 Twitch (New "Orange" and "Gray and Orange" color variants)

* LV-1 Ant (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)

* LV-1R Spider (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)

Other Part changes:

* Add a 3.75 nose cone.

* Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS,Vernor.  

* Fix IVA external cameras in Mk1 Command Pod, MK2 Lander Can, Mk2 Command Pod.

* Fix EVA range on Cupola, HECS2, RC-001S, RC-L01 science containers.

* Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. Parts revamped in 1.4:

   - TR-2V Stack Decoupler -> TD-06 Decoupler

   - TR-18A Stack Decoupler -> TD-12 Decoupler

   - Rockomax brand decoupler -> TD-25 Decoupler

   - TR-38-D -> TD-37 Decoupler

   - TR-2C Stack Separator -> TS-06 Stack Separator

   - TR-18D Stack Separator -> TS-12 Stack Separator

   - TR-XL Stack Separator -> TS-25 Stack Separator

   - ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank -> R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank

   - Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank -> same name

   - Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank -> same name

   - Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank -> same name

   - Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank -> same name

   - Mk 1-2 Pod -> Mk 1-3 Pod


+++ Bugfixes

* Fix PQS normals, stops planets from having mismatched seams when seen from orbit.

* Fix bug where symmetry would break animations on some parts.

* Fix input locks on Return to KSC button at top of altimeter in flight scene.

* Fix typographical error in the description of the vessel 'ComSat Lx'.

* Fix typographical error in the Suborbital Flight training tutorial description.

* Fix UI issue for purchase button on part tooltips.

* Fix vessel default name in rename vessel dialog displaying as an autoloc.

* Fix manufacturer localization on the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank.

* Fix jitter in heading readout on Navball for vessels in prelaunch state.

* Fix "Learn More" text exceeding size of window in the Asteroid Redirect scenario descriptions.

* Fix flag decal on Male Kerbals Jetpack being off-center.

* Fix Kerbal falling off the launchpad flagpole causing the flagpole to explode.

* Fix bulkhead profile part filtering on MK-0, 2 & 3 fuel tanks, J-90 "Goliath", Communotron 16-S, RA-2, RA-15, and RA-100 relay antenna.

* Fix thermal overlay rendering on parts that have lights.

* Fix Debug tool saying LPE for orbit param when its applying Arg of Periapsis.

* Fix Atmosphere line appearing from the surface of planets.

* Fix Flags and Kerbals loading above terrain (flying) and flags being removed from game.

* Fix NaN bug in DV calcs when in orbit around CBs with no atmosphere.

* Fix site node waypoints duplicating every scene change.

* Fix service bays unable to click parts inside after jettison when part loads.

* Fix allow staging of interstage fairings after they are decoupled.

* Fix Mk3 cargo bay registering collisions and blowing up parts of vessels inside them.

* Fix Engine Plate handling in dV calculations.

* Fixed UI scale issue where setting high scale in UI, navball and altimeter would clip off some elements.

* Fix Kerbal helmet shadow rendering in "Simple" rendering setting.

* Fix decouple node function on docking ports in space.

* Fix shrouds being left attached to docking nodes when decoupled (now becomes separate debris).

* Fix Responsiveness audio setting appearing in red text in settings menu.

* Fix NRE on interstage procedural fairing in editor scenes.

* Fix AOORE when Kerbal leaves a command seat on a vessel that has an active ISRU.

* Fix issue where Delta-V app menu could become unresponsive in editor scenes.

* Fix Navball, funds, science and reputation gauges disappearing when UI scale set > 170% on some resolution settings.

* Fix NRE in resources app that could occur when moving the mouse over resources in the app.

+++ Mods

* Changed Animation behavior of ModuleDeployablePart, ModuleDeployableRadiator, ModuleDeployableAntenna and ModuleDeployableSolarPanel to be WrapMode.ClampForever instead of WrapMode.

* ModuleDecouple and ModuleAnchoredDecoupler rebased to a common class - ModuleDecouple.

* Add FXModuleAnimateRCS - handles emissives on RCS part modules.

* Add EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped part shader.

* Make class DoubleCurve annotate Serializable.

* Fix version dependency checking for mods.


* None at this time.

========================= Making History v1.7.0 - Requires KSP v1.7.0 =========================

+++ Parts

* Added a 5m nose cone.

+++ Bugfixes

* Fix cursor disappearing behind Gilly while moving the camera around the planet in Mission Builder GAP.

* Fix export filename not updating when mission is renamed and re-exported.

* Fix user being able to select nodes from the left hand toolbox in the Mission builder even when that panel is hidden.

* Fix the Steam Select Craft to Load dialog window which generated NREs when using Menu Navigation on the Steam tab and launching in the VAB.

* Fix message dialog in Meet Me in Zero G stock mission.

+++ Missions

* The "Craft incompatible" text is no longer shown in the stock missions.

Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver  is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game.

As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver.

Happy launchings!

BTW... You can download wallpapers of the Room to Maneuver art here:

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Just now, GrandProtectorDark said:

Anyone Using Kopernicus on steam : oH NO

Here we go again. 
Atleast it is out. Looks good so far

Hahaha, yeah updates and Kopernicus don't really spell the word "quick"... That said I'm glad to see 1.7 out, and I'm sure updates will come. Spectra works so long as it's parent mods do as well.

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I concure. Could even maybe say it rivals @Nertea :). Definitely looks more like ReStock than actual Stock. But other than that, the update looks great! Especially looking forward to trying out the transfer window thingymabob!

(Edit: Talking about the ant engine)

Edited by Barzon Kerman
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12 minutes ago, Foxster said:

What's  the skinny on the engines changes? 

* Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS,Vernor.  

There'll be a dev blog posted up about it soon (TM) and I'd rather have all our thinking posted there rather than address it in a quick comment here.

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