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Making KSP more realastic

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1 hour ago, McGraw said:

Let's make KSP more real with some speeches

And say what? Either it's the same speech over and over again, or it's randomly generated. In either case, we already have context for our missions on each contract already.

1 hour ago, McGraw said:

fluctuating budgets in some modes

This really is only applicable to career as the other modes don't have budgets. That said, fluxuating budgets seems only like a way to infuriate players as their income or their funds drops and behaves widely. Even as a difficulty toggle, I can't see much support for this. Not without some sort of reverse, where you could perhaps get more from missions, and budgets increase. But that would only be realistic, if part costs also rose due to inflation (and let's just agree to not implement recessions, as paying x3 the price of parts with 1/3 the budget is not fun for anyone).

1 hour ago, McGraw said:

constructing bases on other planets and launching ships from there

In the words of @Gargamel-

1 hour ago, Gargamel said:

And you ask for realism, but offer up interplanetary bases?  :confused:

More base building parts? Sure. But I think we need to fix the activities that players can do on planets. Right now you can do everything you can do on a planet with a small 2-3 man pod that lands on the planet, collects data, planets a flag, and returns home. Anything larger is just for personal achievement and gives the player nothing in return. Which is depressing since the Apollo missions (the only extraterrestrial EVAs done to date) spent days working and collecting data and deploying hardware. But alas, best we have right now is 2-3 minutes of work, if you spend extra time to jump around first. :/

2 hours ago, McGraw said:

expanding kerbol system.

Additional planets is easily one of the most requested features after multiplayer and cloud based graphic overhauls. I don't see it happening until KSP2 though since it's a lot of work, and there's little Squad could add in these planets that players couldn't get better from mod packs. So no matter what Squad creates, they will disappoint players. However with a major change in the game, such as with a sequel, it'd be easier to meet players' demands and also ensure that they won't be disappointed. But that's just my thoughts.

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