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I updated to the new KSP version 1.7 and am getting so bad performance. I still have KSP 1.6 installed with better time warp, Kerbal engineer and restock mods installed and I'm getting higher performance overall. Meanwhile in KSP 1.7 I have only better time warp installed and the performance is bad. How can I increase my FPS without making the graphics looking pixelated (DO NOT TELL ME TO UPGRADE, THAT'S NOT AN OPTION!!!)

My laptop specs:

MODEL - Asus X540SA

OS - Windows 10 Home 64bit 

CPU - Intel Pentium n3700 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz boosted.

GPU - Intel HD graphics 548MB VRAM


HDD - 500GB 5700

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32 minutes ago, Jack the Green Ghost said:


You're basically telling us not to answer your question, then.

With such low end hardware and no off-chip GPU, there's nothing you can really do except lower your graphics settings.

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1st: you must use this game only when plugged in and Not on battery power for max performance

2nd: check power setting to make sure they = "max performance".

3rd:adding memory would help( this model does support more).

4th: validating the pagefile size to be set at minimum size would be equal to recommended amount and add 2 gigs to the max size,

5th: you could try launching using directx11 to see if it helps

6th: turn off antivirus/anti-malware software when running game.>>Don't forget to turn it back on when done.

7th: assure you have free hard drive space min like 10% or so.


hope this helps






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