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Game screen stutters every few seconds

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Am I the only one who has encountered this problem?

The screen stutters every few seconds and this problem is realy annoying,

I analyzed this problem from many  perspectives。

1.Notebook Hardware Problems?

No,i played "sniper elite 4“(max effect)later,The game ran even more smoothly,the diagnostic report showed  no hardware problems。

my notebook:i7-7700HQ+nvidia GTX1050 (4GB)+16GB RAM+256GB SSD

2.Game file missing?

steam checked my files and no file missing

3.Started in wrong way?

start from 64-bit、force ksp to use openGL(-force-glcore  command)、force ksp to use direct(-force-d3d11  command)

however ,untill now,i still can't solve the stuttering problem

i really need you help!

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The stuttering has been an issue for ages. It's caused by the Garbage Collector (GC) which is a component of Unity so Squad can't directly fix it. But Squad have done a lot in recent versions to optimize memory usage and therefore reduce how often the GC needs to run. In a pure stock install the stuttering is pretty much non existent. But as @Val suggests, some mods greatly exacerbate the problem and just having a lot of mods makes it more apparent. 

You could prune some of your mods and perhaps try to identify which ones are the biggest cause of it.  But that can be a tedious process.
There is also a mod called MemGraph, which aims to reduce the stuttering by decreasing how frequently the GC runs. It won't rid you of stuttering completely but it does help.

Once installed you can prompt it to pad the memory allocation by hitting alt+END and then you should see a difference.  
You'll need to hit alt+END each time you run the game, or go into the settings.cfg and set `applyPadding` to True (I also set `visible` to False).
You may also want to set a higher allocation by altering padheap.cfg and changing the `total` value. IIRC it's set to a GB by default, you may want to increase that and you've got the RAM to do it. But don't just set it real high, more padding means longer between stutters, but it also means a longer pause when the GC does run.  It's a bit of a case of finding the balance that works for your setup.  I've got about 50 mods installed and 32GB of ram and currently I've set mine to 2GB.

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