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kRPC Telemetry Issues

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Sorry if this isn't entirely a KSP question.

A few days ago I discovered the kRPC mod, and so far it has been fantastic. The next thing I wanted to do with it was to display telemetry in my computer's terminal. I first wanted to test integrating it with my automated sub-orbital launch program. I followed the example telemetry program at https://krpc.github.io/krpc/tutorials/docking-guidance.html. The terminal from which I ran the python shell cleared, but all it showed was the little grey key icon (the one that it puts up if it needs your password). I entered my password and hit return, but nothing happened.

Heres a picture of my python shell, terminal after running the script, and the script itself: https://imgur.com/a/f9dwiZ2

I've searched the internet for anyone having this issue when using curses, but to no avail. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Add some code to confirm that the kRPC connections works - chnage the throttle, print a “connected” statement. Looking at the code I suspect it’s not getting through the connection phase but it’s hard to tell.

Did you activate kRPC inside KSP? Having the mod is not enough, you actually need to start a “server” from within KSP.

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I know for certain that the krpc connections are working. When running the script in question, the throttle moves to 1 in the game. If I add a print statement displaying the vessel's current altitude in the while loop, it continuously prints the correct value in the python shell.

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