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Space photo of different bodies in different light spectra and modes.


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This is fan made in photoshop, please consider the inaccuracy of my hand and sometimes this software.

Kerbin scan:

This is one of the hardest to scan, due to it's cloud layers. Using science, magic and photorock scientist made it clear to view it in an infrared light. The problem with infrared light that you cannot capture it with your eye. So scientists and wizards summoned the snack monster, and for a snack they made this picture in infrared light, sadly, the sun and other stars decided to interfere into the picture without an invite:


(Taken using VASA's space-probe Interscarf. Camera Infradead. Editing software: Akode Photorock.)

Using the same probe, we tried to capture it ultraviolet light. Sadly radiation interfered again, and we got this interesting picture to analyze.Maybe it's because of the transmission of the previous image. We wanted to take the image using Cameron, but it had an RTG:


(Taken using VASA's space probe Interscarf. Camera Ultraviolin. Editing software: Akode photorock.)

A gravity scan showed this image, the image was a hard capture due to the fluctuation of the radiation due to an RTG. This is the most accurate image that we got(not faked trust us:


(Taken using VASA's space probe Cameron. Camera Cryptogravity. Editing software: Nopetad.)

More celestial bodies photos soon.

Copyright of VASA's space program under the license kreative kommons section 4.000001


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Eve scan:

Eve was the next one, reason behind it is the hardest one to get surface data due to thick atmosphere and cloud layers. We tried to send short-wave infrared light, but it ricocheted from Eve to Kerbin. Thankfully we got the information using one of the dishes on the surface of Kerbin. The photo was analyzed by the top-grade wizards scientists and after almost three bags of Dunitos we got this pretty boring picture of Eve surface temperature. Also the Sun joined the party and ultra hot stars.


(Taken using VASA's space probe Evelon. Camera Infried. Editing software: KIMP)


A radiation background got captured using the same camera in different mode, surprisingly stable and we got the radiation of the planet. Not so surprisingly, Eve has a high radiation level, thanks to the Sun for it. The picture will give us a lot of scientific information.


( Taken using VASA's space probe Evelon. Camera Radiohey. Editing software: Human Space Program)

The next photo was again taken by the same probe, but it took 3 hours to analyze it until we get the information. Surprisingly Eve's gravity is pretty unstable.


(Taken using VASA's space probe Evelon. Camera Gravity-False. Editing software: None)


More photos soon.

Copyright under license Kreative Kommons section 4.20.

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