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[New] Space Launch System / Orion Discussion Thread

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And it all made it into orbit.


Now everything else meaningful is either dependent on RL-10 (which, let's face it, is almost as capable as Merlin 1D) or hypergolics.

Feels like that surge of energy/relief when an old rickety car you haven't started in 18 years manages to roar to life.

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Incredible. I can't believe they actually launched it--and after all those delays, leaks, waivers, etc. it actually worked!

I honestly thought it would never fly--just have one failure after another till it ended up in a museum. Didn't even know it was going up today, just signed on at T-7 minutes by complete accident. Bizarre.

It's kind of a stupid rocket, but if it gets us to the Moon I'll never say another word against it. Hoping ICPS and the service module work as well as the SLS core did!

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