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[1.8-1.10.x] BDAc Team Icons (update 2020/9/19)

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Originally a quality of life improvement I modded into a personal copy of BDAc for running various tournaments, but rather than continually modding each successive version of BDAc, it was spun off into its own plugin.

Team Icons adds UI icons to BDA vessels - no more purple squares and trying to remember which is which once the furball begins:

Usage notes:

This Plugin will do nothing by itself - it is an addon to and requires BDA

There are two versions of BD TeamIcons, for the two versions of BDAc. Version 1.8.5 requires vanilla BDAc 1.3.x

Press F4 to toggle off the default vessel UI overlay.
*  [Enable Team Icons] toggles icons on or off.
*  [Enable Team Labels] toggles the 'Team: ' identifier.
*  [Enable Vessel Labels] toggles vessel names.
*  [Missile Icons] toggles missile alert icons.
*  [Debris Icons] toggles debris icons on/off.
*  [Do not hide with UI] toggles icons being hid along with the rest of the HUD via F2.
*  [Show Pointers] toggles off-screen icon tails
*  [Icon Scale] adjusts icons scale

Team Icons v1.8.5 supports a max of 16 teams.
Clicking on a team label under the settings will allow selection of a custom team color for that team.

Version 1.9-RWP requires BDAc-RWP 1.3.4.x
Version 1.9 additional features that are exclusive to and require Runway Project:
*  [Enable Score] toggles competition mode score display
*  [Vessel Healthbars] toggles HP bars
*  [Vessel Threat Icons] toggles icons showing who is attacking who

Team Icons v1.9 supports unlimited teams

Additionally, vessels will be tagged with different icons based on vessel type into 7 different categories: Planes, Rovers, Bases/Landers, Probes, Ships, Submarines, and Stations/Relays

Download from SpaceDock | GitHub



Adds Runway Project features
Adds Healthbars
Adds Score display
Adds incoming attacker icon
Adds infinite teams support
Color chooser depreciated

cleans up some memory leaks
increases max teams to 16
v 1.8
recompile against KSP 1.8 repositories
Adds multi-team support up to 8 teams
adds customizable team colors
adds additional configuration settings
improved pointer implementation
initial release

This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

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