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"Do a Scan" missions never complete


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I've tried several times to use the scanning arms to complete a mission. I have a mission "Do a complex scan of a Mun Crater on the Mun". I get my rover to a Mun Crater, scan it with the right scanning arm, my experiment details appear, "Mun Crater Scan from the Mun's Midlands", I transmit it, no problems all goes through fine, but the contract still shows 0% completion!

The same thing happened scanning a Baobab Tree on Kerbin - 0% mission completion, no matter what scanning arm I used.

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I have the same problem, but also a workaround:

It seems like my first scanning arm rover use after accepting such a mission always fails to fulfill the missions parameters.

But if I send a second rover, he manages to complete the mission.


Therefore, i the first rover fails to complete the mission I nowadays just send in a 2nd rover ... has always worked so far

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