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KSC Grand Tours

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As you might know (and you probably do), there is an island airfield not too far from the KSC. But how often do you use it? For this challenge, you must put the island to use by making it a tourist attraction(due to the KSC spending all their funds on snacks)! This attraction can be anything! A hotel, a statue, a flying ice cream cone, anything! Then you must ferry at least 12 tourists to the KSC peninsula for a tour! From there you must visit every building in the KSC, including the launchpad and runway. The tour can be by surface or air, as long as you visit every building. The Expansion packs are allowed for transport to the island airfield to start, and visual mods are allowed. Hyperedit is allowed, HOWEVER, it can only be used to move craft to the island runway. To sum it up, your goal is to take at least 12 tourist Kerbals from the island airfield and attraction to the KSC to visit every building, or vice versa. Happy touring!

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Below are the pictures I took of my 14-person amphibious craft, the Amphibian.



  • The Amphibian parked at 0-9 KSC, ready for action.
    • In hindsight, I should have installed a fuel duct connecting the external tanks to the engines.













  • The craft has two Juno engines to act as a "reverse thrust" device. Especially important if you need to slow down when your brakes are useless (e.g. in the water).













  • The old lander can on the right is a "memorial" I put there after one of my career save missions to Eeloo.
    • Read "The Eelootians" in the Mission Reports category for further details about the capsule.




  • Yes, I drove the Amphibian on to the launch pad.
    • I then used the Junos to get off in reverse.




  • We don't call it the Amphibian for nothing.







  • Island Airfield in sight. Now that I've slowed down close enough to the shore, I just need to deploy the landing gear and approach slowly.
    • But as soon as all the wheels are on the ground, activate wet mode and hit full throttle (not really) to get up that hill.














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