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STOCK Helicopter with semirigid swashplate

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Hello everyone!
I enjoy your interest in my previous craft Mi-26, so this community inspired me to create the second!
Pretty small, stock and fun to play with! 

KSP 1.8 + BG 1.3

No SAS, no reaction wheels and no RCS, only tiltable blades and several servos! 
Parts: 98
Crew: 1 or 2 kerbals. Possible to put up to 2 more seats, but it will nose dive almost everytime
Mass: 1221 kg
Main rotor diameter: 7.9 m (200 rpm)
Lenght: 8 m
Speed forward: 22-24 m/s
Speed sideways: 17 m/s
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Flight time: up to 90 minutes

Control groups:
1 - start/shutdown all systems.
Throttle - main rotor pitch
How to fly? I advise to use gamepad or some sort of controller to feel real cyctic control, but it possible to use keyboard. Set camera to locked behind tail, press 1, set throttle to 40 and wait 20 second. Then you can increase throttle, nice and easy, watching its positon, speed and forgeting about Z/X. As speed rises it will tends to climb and maybe roll left a bit. Once you reach medium speed it will feels like some sort of an airplane. Just watch a video below and you'll see. Have fun flying around!
Craft file:


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