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[BUG] ModuleRoboticController (KAL 1000) literally forgets entire sequence tracks


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I'm playing KSP 1.8 on Win10 with both DLC's installed, and only RCS Build Aid as a mod. (which should be a stock feature IMHO)

I've a folding leg on my vessel, four hinges and a piston.
each hinge and piston has a "pack" mode at 0.0s so I can play the sequence in reverse to pack everything prior to launch.
the pack sequence consists of an angle setting of -90 for each hinge and 0 extension for the piston, as well as nodes to turn off the motors and lock them in place to keep them from wiggling around.
when the sequence is played forwards, the hinges and piston have their motors turned on at 0.1s and unlock at 0.2s then start moving into position at 0.5s
leg is supposed to unfold, but it seems that the robotics controller isn't remembering all the sequence tracks when I switch from editor to flight.
I'm not 100% sure what's causing it, but if I had to guess, it could be a de/serialization and/or persistence data issue because reverting back to the editor doesn't fix the problem, the sequence tracks are gone forever.

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UPDATE: Also seems to be affected by part cloning in the editor, if a part (and it's child parts) are cloned, the original parts' sequence tracks are added to the clone's and the original tracks are lost. I noticed this behavior when adding a second leg

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Second Update: this bug definitely seems to be part clone and symmetry related, the cloned parts override the original sequence tracks and symmetrical parts don't follow the original sequence at all, and seem to freak out when you add them individually

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First Forklift: This was the first one launched from the Runway and now keeps its programming


Second Forklift: This was the second one launched from the Runway and now keeps its programming


Third Forklift: This was the Third one launched from the Runway and now keeps its programming.


I saw this post in the last few days and I do know of this bug. The 3 Screenshots are of my forklift that can fold up for transport in a shipping container via the kal controller.

Bug #24428: KAL-1000 tracks vanish after a save-load on deployed craft - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker

This bug is fixed in 1.12.2.

Old Post but people had been updated it again and again to indicate the issue was still there so I thought to update it one more time to show it is actually fixed now.

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