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The Rockleford E-Series

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The Rockleford E-1 is great at putting it’s payload into kerbin orbit. The first stage pushes it most of the way into orbit, and the second stage with four F3S0 solid fuel boosters finishes the orbit insertion of the payload. It's also my first craft. Below are the stats and some images.



  • Mass - 24.47t
  • Cost - 19,807 Funds
  • Stages - 8
  • Part Count - 25
  • Built in KSP 1.8.0

Download: https://kerbalx.com/TheKSPKerbalGuy/Rockleford-E-1 (KerbalX)

Enjoy using this craft! It's also the first in the E-Series of the Rockleford Rockets.



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That's how a craft post should looks like! 
But actually this rocket is pretty simple and I think engines are too powerful, so it loses some dV on air friction and riscing to be burnt. Make TWR between 1.2 and 1.6 at launch and 0.8-1.5 for upper stages, so it will increase efficiency. 

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The Rockleford E-2 is the second variant in the E-Series of Rockleford Rockets. With the SRB stage of the E-1 being replaced with a liquid fueled second stage, it makes for a great rocket! Also, its thrust has been tweaked to improve overall efficiency and also has some action groups. Thanks to @IkranMakto for giving me suggestions on how to improve it from the original design!



  • Mass - 16.4 Tons
  • Cost - 15,527 Funds
  • Stages - 7
  • Part Count - 21
  • Built in KSP 1.8.0

Action Groups:

1 - Toggle Solar Panels

2 - Toggle Antenna

3 - Deploy Fairing

TWR Stats:

First Stage (Fully Fueled) - 1.27

Second Stage (Fully Fueled And In Vacuum) - 1.25

Third Stage (Fully Fueled And In Vacuum) - 1.42

Download: https://kerbalx.com/TheKSPKerbalGuy/Rockleford-E-2 (KerbalX)

Enjoy using this craft! It's the second in the E-Series of Rockleford Rockets.


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