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GO-Ob Ed monitor deply issue


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Have you tried giving it a kick? :cool:

I only got these error messages when already deployed science stations are loaded back into the physics (because I got close to them again), but they usually sorted themselves out again on their own. Do you get this message while the part is still held by the Kerbal, or after it got dropped to the ground and while it is trying to unfold? In both cases, try moving the parts a bit around where these isn't anything in the way. If it is still held by the Kerbal then try moving the Kerbal around, maybe he was standing on something (another, already dropped, part?) and thus technically not standing on the Mun itself.

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20 hours ago, djedje_zr7 said:

The message appear when I drop the Go-Od on ther ground.

I try several location but the module remain close.

So you manage to drop the Go-Op module to the ground, but it doesn't deploy (the goo-cylinder and the camera remain inside their slots and don't move out, like on the screenshot you posted), correct?

Does the experiment control unit deploy? Do you have enough power to operate the modules? Can you post a screenshot with the right-click windows of all the dropped (deployed?) modules (including the solar panel) open?


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This is an old thread but it's the first thread that pops up on the question so I'll update it with the solution.  You cannot deploy ground science modules with the construction inventory active which makes sense.. you'd transfer stuff from the ship to your personal inventory and leave the inventory menu open.. 

You need to close the inventory menu from the right bar.  To deploy the ground modules right click the kerbal and deply it through the inventory menu that pops up when you right click the kerbal.  It will have a white circle to deploy.  DO NOT drag and drop or the item will become non functional and you wont be able to pick it up.

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