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Kerbal Forensics

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I discovered today that I have two kerbals listed as K.I.A. and I have no idea what happened to them.

Is there some kind of record in the save file? 

Were they victims of that overly complex rotating ring station that I made? Or did I fall asleep after their de-orbit burn late one night and forget to stage the 'chutes?

Or did I get them home safe and then send them on a collision course with Jool, but forgot to set a KAC alarm for the mid-course correction burn?

need  to know !!!!

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Well, if you look in the save-file for the entry of said Kerbals, then there is is a section called "CAREER_LOG" (and "FLIGHT_LOG", but I think for dead Kerbals that's empty) that lists all career related events of the Kerbals. That should at least tell you on what kind of mission they were (which CBs they visited) and in which SOI they were for their fatal mission.

E.g. if the last entry before their death was "Suborbit,Kerbin" then they probably had a fatal accident during re-entry.

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