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Ropes or such?


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45 minutes ago, LordPai said:

Is there any mod that allows you to tie spacecrafts together using some sort or rope

KAS has winches, winches have ropes...

46 minutes ago, LordPai said:

like the skycrane was tied to the curiosity rover?

As for how well this might work, you'll have to try it and find out. Given KSPs physics idiosyncrasies I have my reservations.

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For landing things with skycranes, I use staged docking ports. No mods needed. Disconnect just before touchdown, the rover will drop the last few feet, the reduced mass will cause the skycrane to climb away.

KAS has winches, but the connections are limited by KSP physics and don't work well with timewarp. I think the winches work best for slower paced things than landing. They are good for picking things up and dragging parts together when building large bases. Build a crane with tall legs, land above the target, connect the winch, lift the target to a docking port or klaw.



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