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Spear of Horus - Kerbal Personal Luxury Dual Mode VTOL

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Spear of Horus


(needs breaking grounds for robotic parts)

(to match graphics shown in screenshots make sure you have downloaded stock only version or restock) *not restock+ (this is optional not needed this is fully stock)


USE I and K to tilt Vtol wings Forward and Back

Dual VTOL technology.
|( KAL-1000 mapped to Main Throttle: Control Fan Pitch/Deploy and Speed )|
|( AG1: Toggle 8 Juno Engines )|

|( Dual Juno (AG2: Toggle Engine )|
|( Panther (AG3: Toggle Engine )|
|( Panther (AG4: Switch Mode )|

|( AG5: Decouple Node ) Decouples from node for the first time )|
|( AG6: Undock Node *available after using AG4 at least once to redeploy after successful redock )|

Part of InterstellerKev’s Phaethon Dynamics series:

Short Story -
The head of a falcon and the body of a mere man was really the sky god once known as Horus the deity of past Kerbal History. Once said to fly all day and night.
They said he held a spear called The Spear of Horus. Reading ancient hieroglyphs contained some old Blueprint for his Spear of Horus! It turns out it is a Flying Vehicle of some kind?!
Ground breaking theories are now shattered. We have to rewrite history. Questions like “did aliens come down and help build the monuments that still stand today are now more concrete.


KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Spear-of-Horus

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1983151486

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