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Stop Cargo Aero Forces

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I created an SSTO to take to different planets on my Space Station. It worked perfectly without the ducted fans. With 1.9, I decided to try them to save fuel and weight. Now, every time it is airborne, it slowly twists to the left. I keep SAS on, but it does not help. All parts were applied in mirror fashion by the system. From what I can tell, my center of gravity is slightly ahead of the center of lift, just like it should be. Both are going down the center of vessel. After displaying my aero forces, the root of the problem is in the cargo, from what I can tell. It seems that the cargo is now generating aero forces while enclosed in a MK3 cargo bay. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

Below is the .craft file for the SSTO in question. I don't have an image account, sorry.

Science Rover SSTO

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I had to hand-edit to remove the MechJeb parts because I don't have that mod, but then it flew reasonably straight for me. 
But I can't get it above 180m/s.  There does seem to be a lot of drag  but I can't find any obvious problem; there are lots of parts.

The arrows showing aerodynamic forces, toggled with F12,  are present even when KSP does not apply the forces to the craft, due to the parts being in a closed cargo bay.  You can feel the difference when you open/close the cargo bays, to check that the bay is working. 
These cargo bays fail to work properly if one of them is the root part of the craft when built in the SPH/VAB, but your craft on KerbalX had the cockpit as root.

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