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[1.8.0——1.9.1]【Made by Wanhu】Long March-5(CZ-5)


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At the end of 2019, the Long March-5 Yao-3 Carrier Rocket achieved a go-around. Wanhu Studio took this opportunity to produce the Long March-5 launch vehicle.

The Long March-5 launch vehicle, also known as the "big rocket" and "Fat 5", is a disposable large-scale low-temperature liquid bundling launch vehicle developed by the People's Republic of China in 2006 to meet the needs of further aerospace development and bridge the gap between China and foreign countries. China's new generation of launch vehicle core-class rocket series with a diameter of 5 meters.


This module contains the components of the Long March-5 launch vehicle and the launch tower used for go-around.


Based on the KSP update of 1.8.0, Wanhu Studio remade the tail flame of the hydrogen and oxygen engine and applied it to our Long March-5.


Download: https://github.com/WanhuKarrot/CZ-5/releases

License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

Thanks to all members of Wanhu Studio for their efforts in releasing this module.

Supplementary note

1、Download links on Spacedock, CKAN and CurseForge will be released after approval.

2、Reproduced mark of: 万户 or Wanhu (English)






下载链接: https://github.com/WanhuKarrot/CZ-5/releases

许可证: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0



1、在Spacedock、CKAN 和 CurseForge 等处的下载链接,将会在通过审批后放出。

2、转载标注作者:万户 or Wanhu (in English)

Edited by Karrot
Additional thanks to Wanhu Studio
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