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Yet another modifier key question (nevermind, i'm dumb)

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On linux, I've tried everything I can think of, the game ignores the modifier key.

Yes, I know it's right shift on linux not left-alt.
I've tried remapping it in settings.cfg to some other key, doesn't work. Game seemed to reset it back to right shift, so I changed the file to root only permission and changed it to what i believe to be the only unused letter key, "Y", still no luck.

I've searched a bit and only found people reporting that they should use right-shift.
Anyone else have this issue?

running 1.9.1


Ok, i'm dumb. I was trying to test, building a new ship. I was in a hurry and trying to "modifier key click" on a root piece to try copying. I later read that you can not copy a root piece.
The letter "y" does work.

disregard :blush:

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