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KSP ps4 merge two ships

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Have you tried doing the satellite first, saving it as a sub-assembly, then build the main rocket and attatching the satellite to it?. If you have no idea of what a sub-assembly is or how to make one, you can easily find a tutorial in youtube :D

I hope this helps you

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To get to subassemblies:

  • Click the |||> button in the very upper left.
  • Click the green button with the rocket going to the right.
  • This is the subassembly area.

To make a subassembly:

  • Have a "ship portion" that you want to be a sub-assembly. Like a satellite, with decoupler attached to it. On your main ship, this decoupler will detach the satellite from the ship.
  • The 4 floaty buttons in the upper left (place, translate, rotate, reroot), click the 4th one (reroot)
  • Click the decoupler that will eventually detach your satellite from the main ship.
  • Follow the above instructions to get to subassemblies.
  • Drag your ship (by the decoupler that is now the root) to the little box in the bottom of the subassembly area.
  • Name it, etc.

Here's a random image I found online:


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On 3/14/2020 at 8:05 PM, DarthCupOfNoodle said:

Hey so I am wanting to take a main rocket and have a small sub Satellite detach off and do it’s satellite stuff. I am new on ps4 and to the game in general just wondering what to do   

It appears that you are trying to use a rocket to deliver the satellite as a payload, but still be able to control the rocket after delivery.  That's certainly possible, and sometimes people will do something similar with robotic rovers or atmospheric probes for Jool where they can have a pilot safely in the main rocket to control the probe, and the probe take the risk of crashing or burning up.  Apollo-style missions are a crewed version of the same thing.  People often use either expendable rockets to deliver satellites to orbit (as in real life), or they use reusable spaceplanes to complete missions that are more like yours, but one case where your mission plan is very useful is when delivering multiple satellites to similar orbits in a single launch, as is the case with communications satellite constellations.  In that case, the satellites are stacked onto the rocket and released one at a time.  Usually, the main rocket is also independently controllable (so it can be moved out of the way and avoid crashes).  You'll find a number of possibilities if you search for terms such as comsat constellations or single-launch networks.

If that is a bit more than you are ready to try, then the easiest way to get started is to take a crewed rocket that you know can fly to orbit (preferably one with a Mk1 Command Pod), and instead of a nose parachute, attach a .625-metre decoupler or stack separator (the TD-06 or TS-06) and put your satellite on top of that.  You'll almost certainly need to include a fairing (that's the AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell), and it ought to be attached to the 1.25-metre main stack (that's the size of the bottom of the command pod).  I suggest adding a decoupler to the bottom of the heat shield if there isn't one there already (the TD-12) and the AE-FF2 underneath that.  If you're not familiar with fairings, then that's a different tutorial.  The important things to remember are that, first, the satellite needs to have a probe core in order to be controllable, second, if it has an engine, then you need to be absolutely certain of the staging order, third, you're adding mass, so you may need to strap some solid rocket boosters or other additional engines to your rocket, and fourth, you don't have a nose parachute, so you'll need to add radial parachutes to the Mk1 Command Pod to retrieve the crew safely.

If you find that this doesn't help, then I can direct you to a few builder tutorials that offer more information on the subject.  Some are out of date, but there are some very comprehensive ones out there.

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