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Stuck on duna

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15 hours ago, balton said:

That ship doesnt have enough dV to get back to an stable orbit on Duna, you will need to plan a rescue mission :/

Take this: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Lazybird

  1. Send the spaceplane itself to Duna at the next transfer window.
    1. Doesn't need to be occupied, but be sure to deploy your antenna.
    2. The carrier should go back to the KSC.
  2. Take your stranded crew to a spot with a sufficient ore concentration.
    1. If you're already there, perfect.
    2. If not, you might want to bring a car with the plane.
  3. Refuel all tanks (including oxidizer)
  4. Blast off will all five engines when you're done refueling.
  5. GO-TIME!
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(ssshhhh, don't tell anyone I said this) You could turn on infinite propellant in the cheats menu (alt+f12 on PC) and fly back up that way...

You probably have some monopropellant left for the RCS thrusters, you can use that for a bit of extra thrust. Shut down some engines if you can, leaving the most efficient ones running- unless all 8 are the same type- because you don't need a huge amount of thrust to take off from Duna and that could save you some fuel. Duna's atmosphere is very thin so you want to turn and head east at fairly low altitude to maximise your orbital velocity without losing speed to air drag. Shed any unnecessary weight you can, retract the landing legs the moment you're airborne and if you have an orbiting ship time your launch to end up as close as possible to it, then EVA all 3 Kerbals and fly them all towards it at once- this will require a lot of frantic switching between them but should be feasible, and those EVA jetpacks have A LOT of delta-V in them. If one of your Kerbals is a scientist, stash all the science data in the command pod if possible and then grab it with the scientist when EVA-ing to bring it back with you.

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