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But our dear collegue OP raises an actually important question.

How can we distinguish a familiar person (like Kerbal) from its close copy (say, Kirbal) if the hyperjump link brings us to a place looking absolutely similar?

Can we be sure that following the hyperjump tunnels we are still in the universe populated by Kerbals, rather than some unknown but almost same Kirbals?

And the last but not the least, should this really affect our perceprion of these beings if we suddenly realise that the creatures which were Kerbals are actually Kirbals?

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Most likely a link to a parallel universe. Now i really wonder why i am still stuck in the Kerbal version...

No Kirbals here after clicking above the link, maybe @siklidkid can solve the issue for us and he just made a mistake while pointing at the door...:rolleyes:

Try again?

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