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autostruts or no?

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So, I'm pretty confused with this expansion, documentation for it, and bug behaviour along with it.
I spent hours trying to make a moving engine system work, only to find that using autostruts were causing it to break.

But then I watch @GoldForest's tutorial on a gravity station where he (or she? sorry idk lol) uses autostruts without a problem.
So can you do autostruts or no? or can you but things like 'root part' vs 'heaviest part' matter?

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The autostruts are... tricky. You have to play around with them. One thing, don't autostrut the motor, I've found that autostruting the motor can make it not want to move. And even autostrusting the parts that the motors are moving can cause it to jam the motor up. You just have to play around with it, find out what works and what doesn't. Make your craft then launch it, after it's launched, test the motors, if they don't move, unstrut the motor or move it to a different struting position. Do the same for any parts the motors move. 

Also, I'm a he lol.

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In theory autostruts should be safe: when a robotic part is locked then autostruts can traverse that part (and help making your craft less "floppy"). And when a robotic part is not locked then the calculation where an autostrut goes is (supposed to be) done like the two sides of the robotic part are two different vessels. (E.g. the one half of the robotic part becomes the effective root of the "downstream" parts.) This latter seems to go wrong at times, in particular if there are more robotic parts in line. In that case, don't set up any autostruts that traverse the robotic part(s). IIRC it also often goes wrong when you set an autostrut on a robotic part itself.

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