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Island Attack

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8 hours ago, Pds314 said:

Oh, also my Kold War entry was 1:12? Not 1:15.

Whoops, my bad. Fixed it!


Hmm.. how many awards can I get at once....

So... it needs to be jet-powered for Supercruise.
Although that doesn't necessarily preclude it being Ace High since turboshafts are definitely a real thing that exists.
It needs at least 3 warheads for Carpetbagger, which, between them, must:
1. Have one land intact for 2 Foxtrot.
2. Have one hit at supersonic speeds for No Warning.
3. Have one hit the tower for Extreme Prejudice.
4. Have one with 300 ore for No Kill But Overkill.

Have a "second copilot" for Maverick. Unclear if they need to be able to control the plane, or if they even need to technically be crew on the plane at all.

Have the "second copilot" in a lawn chair for Breezy. Again, unclear if they need to be capable of controlling the plane, or the lawn chair can be launched separately in a rover to put in a cargo bay.

And land the whole infernal mess on the VAB helipad for K-35.

The others are probably incompatible with having a piloted craft powered by jets with no staging besides the warhead. Unless launching a Kerbal with jet exhaust qualifies as boost phase, or you're allowed to launch multiple craft so your "second co-pilot" in a lawn chair can be in a rover in a cargo bay without staging.

This post is precisely why I love challenges on these forums.

Note that No Kill But Overkill only requires that the total bomb load dropped exceeds 300 ore. I really should have made that higher, I think. Also, Maverick and Breezy both would require each pilot to be in lawn chairs with forward visibility, like a WWI fighter.

5 hours ago, Pds314 said:

I'm not sure if any of these bombs count as hits. The supersonic one, which is also the heavy one, is very accurate but hard to time and I dropped slightly too early. The goal was to hit the tower but considering that just keeping this thing straight and level at that altitude, let alone aiming, requires a fair amount of micromanaging, that shot was one in a hundred.

The intact lander bombs do not fly straight and can diverge by hundreds of meters because they fly off center when semi-deployed in a way that's very awkward. One of them was in the water so obviously it wasn't a hit. The other technically hit the mound.

If you are going for a bonus like laydown delivery then it is definitely necessary to actually hit the target.

2 hours ago, mystifeid said:

B-24 hits the strip in 1:48.



I love it! That's precisely the sort of multi-engined monstrosity I was imagining people would build.

You were pushing Mach 0.9 in level flight. I wonder if you could score No Warning if you dropped the warhead in a dive.

15 minutes ago, epicfailure2020 said:

is making history or breaking ground allowed and do i need to make a video. i do not know how to record other than screenshots. i do not think ksp breaking ground or making history is physics altering.

Both DLCs are fine. You do not have to make a video -- just show enough via screenshots that I can confirm the record and any bonuses.

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32 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

I wonder if you could score No Warning if you dropped the warhead in a dive.

No. Best speed (level flight) for this plane is achieved at around 750m - 329m/s with bombs and 330.3m/s without. Above and below this height max speed drops. Air density and propeller pitch determine the speed much more so than angle of attack - even in a vertical dive. A shallow dive from 1000m sees the speed briefly go over 331m/s. Height for this challenge is best at around 400-500m because of extra time required to climb to and descend from 750m and I only lose about 1m/s.

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i did the kold war challenge and got Nike Style Extreme Prejudice No Kill Like Overkill 2 Foxtrot No Warning and Carpetbagger.

i did not get that many pictures because it went by so fast and was hard to control. my rocket landed in the water while the three warheads landed on the island. i made it in 27 seconds.




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2 minutes ago, JcoolTheShipbuilder said:

wait, would there be a reward for the warhead somehow going INTO the tower? afaik, it is possible to go into the tower through the windows lol.

i have done that but it was a plane with a grabber that grabbed the tower and than using a robot arm moved a probe into the tower and dropped it. shortly after this my game crashed and my world got corrupted.

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20 minutes ago, epicfailure2020 said:

wow. just wow.

Here's how close I've gotten so far:


Vertical launch. Rests on four fins. 95% of the aiming is done using these fins; I can only make very very small adjustments to the trajectory of the upper stage.

The lower stage has four Vectors with gimbal turned off and a bunch of Oscar-Bs. The upper stage has two radial ore tanks, a probe core, a small battery, a small reaction wheel, and 64 Sepratrons.


Targeting the island airfield so I have somewhere to go.


Liftoff and I pitchover immediately. I have to lift off at low throttle or I am out of the atmosphere before I have completed my turn.


Go for throttle-up once horizontal:


The Vectors are thrust-limited to reduce heating.


Staging and ignition of the upper stage. Note Oscar-Bs flying everywhere.


You can't see it but there is a nose cone on the back end of the fairing to help reduce drag.


Side view.


It has so much thrust that it starts really heating up after burnout.


At this point I can already tell I am going to overshoot.


Close...but no cigar, not yet anyway.



5 minutes ago, SpaceplaneAddict said:

hellow am i clear for rapiers on modern kombat or am i limited to panthers/whiplashes?

Your carrier plane can be a pure bipropellant rocketplane for all I care; it just can't use solid fuel.

If you want to earn Supercruise you can use the RAPIER but it has to be in airbreathing mode. Technically the RAPIER, if it is like the SABRE, is a rocket that uses superchilled air injection rather than an actual jet cycle, but that's beside the point. 

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Just now, epicfailure2020 said:

i would count hitting the runway as hitting inside that lighter green boundary 

Thus far I have enforced a requirement of hitting the actual runway (or the actual tower). So I will hold myself to the same rule.

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12 minutes ago, mystifeid said:

Isn't it moved up and clipped into the base of the fairing to create a hole?

Whoops. My bad - I was thinking of the air intake.

It's a rounded nose cone, so the sepratrons fire in a ring around it.

I don't think it would be an exploit to put an air intake on the back as long as you weren't getting tricky with the placement of your sepratrons. The point is to reduce base drag on the rear node of the fairing. 

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Just now, epicfailure2020 said:

can i make a plane to drop a warhead but crash the plane as long as it has fuel to land?

Nah, you gotta at least show that you can fly the plane back.

I would drop the warhead, quicksave, show that it hits, and then revert back to the quicksave to fly the plane back to the KSC.

One reason for this is that actually landing the plane is non-trivial. If you have a big cruise missile, for example, then flying the plane back and landing it safely isn't necessarily straightforward if your centers of mass and lift have shifted.

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