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Having destroyed the engines on my landable launch-stages in Career one too many times because there is no landing leg in the game large enough to land a Mainsail (or in my case, a cluster of Mainsails) without either heavy part-clipping of the engines or putting the legs on the ends of wings (which is draggy, structurally-weak, and makes it harder to maintain aerodynamic stability during an engines-first re-entry), and had even more launch stages tip over after landing, I am BEGGING for some larger stock landing-legs.

Nothing too fancy.  Just BIG.  Maybe a 400 kg mass leg part? (this should put it in the right size/strength-range for landing heavy launch stages with Mainsail clusters, or crewed round-trip missions on Eve...)

To avoid this being a problem again in the future, as players move towards ever-heavier designs, I suggest 3 new sizes of legs:

- a 400 kg landing leg part, for landing Mainsail stages

- a 200 kg part, more for when you just need a wider base: such as landing tall stacks with small Reliant/Skiff engine clusters on the bottom.

- An 800 kg part, for truly insane designs: like heavy Eve landers.

Additionally, if there were more aerodynamic-looking versions of some of these legs (like the ones in Kerbal Reusability Expansion) that would be amazing!

I'll take any/all of those, as long as there is a leg in the 400 kg size range.  But the 3 options I listed above really would make things easier (and more realistic: the stock legs are far too small for the forces they can repeatedly withstand) and less frustrating for players...

And once again, for those who feel the need to make such comments: "LOL, just add mods!" is NOT an acceptable answer.  Having been playing this game for 6+ years, I have seen countless mods come and go: but Stock parts stick around, are available on Console, and are official content- giving more players the chance to use these parts and become familiar with them.

KSP has given me great diversion, frustration, and (sometimes) joy over the years- but it could be so much more.  Expanding the range of stock parts available is a move in this direction: and I, like many players, would even be willing to pay for another expansion with a sufficiently-large selection of such new Stock parts... (although honestly, given where player base opinion is right now on DLC, how basic this functionality is of having larger legs, and how many people have been fiscally harmed by Covid-19: now is probably NOT the time for this to be another DLC: it would be better to add this "free" and sell other new parts/features later...)

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KRE is a great mod, but I would be thrilled to see some larger legs in stock instead of needing a mod.  

The BG robotics can somewhat fill that role, but

1) they can be twitchy (I'm currently dealing with issues with locks being ignored and/or not changing state between locked & unlocked on multiple craft)

2) It's extra paid content that some people may not be able to afford or may not want and

3) robotic parts can quickly skyrocket your part count.

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What's needed are larger landing legs. Period. Whether they are customizable in any way literally makes no difference if they don't exist in the first place. The stock fuel tanks, engines, and boosters have all increased in diameter and mass over the years, so logically the parts to support them should have as well. 

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