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Mod idea/ request

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        Ok so i am not new to modding. i have done a number of surface level modding and even part modeling.  i have an idea for mod that goes into the programing aspect which as much as i would love to be able to do it. it is taking me longer to understand how to do in the confines of ksp.  i do not know how hard it would be to do this or if it is even possible  but anyway, so here is the idea. I think it would be a good a addition to  carer mode/science mode  if you needed resources to build your rockets. not just funds but also exp.. metal. some parts need resources from specific planets.  you need to mine for some of the rarer resources  to build with certain parts. simple idea for Prof of concept. you need Duna metal to build robotic parts and some of the more expensive engines  you need a resource from Tylo to build RTGs you get the idea. each planet will have its own resource that you need to build with some parts. i would say i haven't given much thought to balance yet but i think it is possible. it should work like the funding system   you need so many units of this resource to build this part. i think there should be 3 modes first 'easy ' where you can buy the resources for a high price in credits or if you do get the the resource  it will cheapen the over all price to just the resource  or  a discounted price per part. 'normal' you cannot buy the resource  but have to mine it and return it to Kerbin or with other mods like ground construction  use it to build off world. lastly 'science mode' each part needing the resource would instead be lock to science entry exp- you get a surface sample off duna you unlock those parts.

things that would need to be added:

cost per part in the VAB and space plane hanger

resources in the Vab display

the resources, weight of each resource, each world's richness ect.. ( easily done with the community  resource pack)

each part would need to be set up with what its required resources would be and how much it would cost.

drills will need to be set up with the ability to mine the various resources.

will need tanks to carry the resources (Interstellar fuel switch or modular fuel tanks could be used to keep part count down)

missions would need to be altered to include the resources  and be locked to the resources from the planet in question they are requiring you to go to.

optional: science experiments of the various resources. must be performed in a lab on site.

option to set up a refinement process  and combining process for really advanced parts ( mainly modded parts exp- near future nuclear. the reactors might need resources from ike and duna combined/alloyed

few more thing not yet known.....

thank you for all input and thoughts regarding this .


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About the only thing you couldn't set up for this using EL and some configs would be restricting what you could build in the VAB.  Sounds interesting - I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

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Extraplanetary Launchpads allows for creating build recipes of any sort, and each part can be assigned to a recipe to fulfill the needs for unique material combos to build each unique part. Progression can easily be restricted to having EL workshops with varying capacities spread throughout the tech tree. The better you unlock, the faster you can build with the same number of kerbals. As for resource placement that's easy enough (but can be very tedious) to do without writing a plugin. And the experiment functionality exists in Wild Blue Tools.

At the space center, the mod Kerbal Construction Time makes you take time to assemble a rocket and to roll it out onto the pad. But good luck convincing LinuxGuruGamer to add this kind of complexity to it.

Overall your idea is pretty nice. I will say that. I too have had ideas for some of these elements for a progression overhaul. :)

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