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Custom Orbital Information Display Build


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*This display relies on the KSPSerialIO plugin written by zitronen!*

Once I got my custom controller built I'm not gonna lie, I was just itching to add more to my cockpit, so I set my sights on making some gauges!

I chose an orbital information display as the first mostly because its the one I found myself wnting most when playing (I have to take my hands off the controls to switch my display to maneuvering mode to see my apospsis and periapsis.)

This displays both my apoapsis and periapsis in meters currently (I will add conversions for km and Mm soon) and has LEDs to show your orbital status at a glance!

Red for <45,000m, yellow/orange for 45km-75km, and green for >70km

Here's a link to a the build process, I tried to be detailed and document most of my steps!)





I still have work to do on this, and I will likely update this thread when I add things I have planned like recessed text, unit conversion and brighness adjustment/optimization!

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26 minutes ago, Gargamel said:

I like it!  Nice work. 

Reminds me of my programmable, motion activated thermostat I made for a garage.  I had the Uno and a breadboard taped to the wall for the longest time.  

Moved to Fan Works.

Thanks! I'm excited to use what I learned building this, and apply it to more hardware!

Haha that sounds like my apartment too, little prototyped projects all over doing and displaying different things! Arduinos are too fun.

(and oh! I'll post these there in the future, I couldnt quite tell where this should be posted admittedly. Thanks for movin it over for me)

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