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KSP Blueprint Template

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DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/2480/KSP Blueprint Template 

Hi!  I make blueprints for my own rockets, and thought it would be nice to share!   I made this blueprint template so that relatively novice users of Inkscape and GIMP could do the same.  This is the first draft, improvements to come later... I just wanted to get this out there :) You need KVV or something like it to get screenshots from your game. 

The Template is a SVG file that you edit... The "Assembly Area" where you build your blueprint looks like this:


I've added some 'how to' sections along the top.  This is meant to be heavily edited by the user to get just the look they want!


This is a 'black and white' line drawing using the template's guidance (thrown together hastily from a screenshot I had).

There are instructions for how to do a color version as well:


With some patience you can make fancy blueprints, like this one I made for my Duna mission!


This Blueprint Template is designed as a 'starting point' - it's not going to do everything for you... but I do hope you have fun :)





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I love the blueprints that are posted on the blog and I use them as starting ideas for my own designs. Which I'm confused about the blueprints for the Jool X Rocket and the Nova Rocket, what are the decouples shells for the KR-2L engines? I've looked up and down the parts and can't figure out what it is. 

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