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Stock + BG Full Interior Boeing 737-200 Combi

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Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed!

Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it.

Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures.



Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel

lb947yU.png             TanQWLp.png

Forward and Aft Galley



Forward and Aft Lavatories


E&E Bay


Passenger Half

JR2ueYP.png f7Ce8gv.png 

Rear Airstair


Tail Compartment - Cable Drum


APU Compartment


Wheel Well


Trailing-edge surfaces

+ more things. Look at everything in the album here.

Want to download this? Bad idea, buddy!

3250 part Stripped, No Livery version.

4100 part Stripped with Livery version.

7500 part Full Interior version.


Life story time

Never before had I worked with parts in such a small scale. The most obvious section that displays this is the cockpit instrument panel.

To do the gauges, it required me to use parts I, frankly, never thought I would use for a build. The gauges were made by, believe it or not, the Mystery Goo Containment Unit. The needles themselves were angled Communotrons, and the redlines were thermometers. If you actually look at the Mystery Goo Unit, you'll see for yourself how small the scale actually is.

On the overhead panel, due to lack of space, a new part entered the fray. The small circles are actually struts. They have little balls at the ends of them, that when clipped properly shows as a small circle, perfect for these things.

The "3 Green" lights are batteries. That's it really. Nothing special about them.

Everything past the cockpit is pretty obvious. Perhaps the next special item is the galley, specifically the food you can see on it. As it so happened, the Barometer looks exactly like a tray of airline food. Cheap-looking, unappetising and minimal. But Kerbals have had worse.

The other notable feature is the Lattice Livery. You might make claims like "That looks exactly like the A350's carbon fibre livery!" and "You copycat!", in which case you'd be right. 

Other than that, there's nothing else to really talk about. Hope you like the detail, and may your PC rest in pieces.

Happy Flying!




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