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KSP Check List/Calculator


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KSP Check List/Calculator  Version- 1.2

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a spreadsheet tool that I've created. I noticed a number of people on reddit (including my self) either forgetting items on their vessel or not having enough Delta-V. This spread sheet has a checklist, delta-v calculator and stage delta-v checklist. This link is view only so just make a copy.
Checklist - Everyone will have a different list of required items for their vessel. This sheet has my list but it can be changed to fit your requirements. Once you know you have the part on the rocket, just click the check box. Once the box is checked the part will change from red to green. I have 3 separate checklist for different stages, again you can change this as needed. 
Delta-V Calculator - The delta-v calculator is the bottom right box. Use the drop down menu to select the planet body destination and it will generate the minimal amount of delta-v on the purple column. The yellow column is to add extra delta-v at certain areas of the flight. For example I use too much fuel during landings so I add 25% extra to add a safe cushion. then the extra delta-v will be added to the green column. RTO is for missions you want to return to Kerbin orbit. 
Delta-v Checklist - Delta-v from the calculator will transferred to both a direct accent return lander and a orbit rendezvous (apollo style) to a command pod to return.  Red numbers are changeable delta-v requirement for a particular section of the rocket. Enter the delta-v that is currently on each stage of the rocket, if below the required amount, the name of the stage will be orange. Once at or above the required delta-v the stage name will turn green. 

Mission sheet - The second page has a mission sheet. I use it so I don't forget what I was doing after I took a break from the game. 

Planet Ref. - The 3rd sheet is to make the first page work. Don't change it or the first page will be broke. 

*new* Tac Life support calculator -  Added to calculate min. amount of life support need for a mission. Includes CO2 and water recycler to calculate recycled material that the mod dose not account for in the UI.

If anyone has suggestions or feedback, please share and I will update this sheet in the near future. If my math for the delta-v calculator is wrong - please let me now asap. The math wasn't the easiest 
I hope some people can find this useful and helps build better rockets. 


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Thank you Derek. I did have the note to make a copy, made it bold so it's easily seen.

Ill add a version number here and on the sheet its self. How would the effective date work? From when it was able to use or when I made it?
Thanks for the feed back 

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I'm looking at it right now, and there's no text about making a copy.

A version number/effective date would be of the date you released it into the wild.  You only need one, so people can compare to their personal copy.

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On 9/23/2020 at 1:24 AM, EveMaster said:

One thing to add would be to launch with the correct crew. That means to have the correct professions on board or to have an empty seat if it is a rescue mission.

That's the good thing about it, you make the list to fit your requirements. Every mission and rocket will be different.

On 9/22/2020 at 9:34 PM, DerekL1963 said:

I'm looking at it right now, and there's no text about making a copy.

In the instructions above or on the sheet its self?

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