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MechJeb Auto land?


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MechJeb has an option for "Landing guidance" that is supposed to show "landing predictions" and "show trajectory". I have had those work exactly twice, in 13 attempts to use the MJ auto land function. Can someone explain why these visual "cues" don't work most of the time? The landing guidance still appears to work...but the visual cues are very handy and I don't understand why they only show up 10% of the time?

To be completely honest, I am not that impressed with MechJeb's documentation and the lack of detailed "how to's". What I have found online has been a mish mash of non English speaking people attempting to explain how MJ works. No offense is intended or insinuated...but I just don't understand the people who are talking on the youtube videos.

I digress...why is the MJ options for "landing predictions" and "show trajectory" only working 10% of the time? That is the real question.

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Here's what I'm seeing:


You will notice that I have selected "show landing predictions" and "show trajectory". Do you see the normal MJ target landing red crosshairs? Do you see the normal blue "landing prediction" crosshairs? No...you don't, because they are not showing up. Do you see the landing guidance check boxes for "Show landing predictions", "Show trajectory" checked? Yes, they are. When this has worked ( the only 2 times), I would have 2 "bullseyes" in this view...one for the target landing area, and one for the "predicted" landing are. As you can see...I have butkus, at this point. I'm not impressed with MJ, so far. MJ needs an English speaker to do youtube discussions on how it works. Is this an MJ problem with other mods? That should be documented and told to us. It seems to me that MechJeb has been touted as the "be all, end all" of all mods...I'm not seeing it that way. I'll go back to manually landing my fuel transporter, over and over, if MJ can't do the job.

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Your complaint isn't that MJ isn't working, your complaint is that MJ/KSP has a graphics bug.  These are nowhere near the same thing.

21 hours ago, strider3 said:

I digress...why is the MJ options for "landing predictions" and "show trajectory" only working 10% of the time? That is the real question.

The best place to report a bug is in the MJ support thread.


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