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On 5/26/2021 at 12:45 PM, Lewie said:

As of my writing this, I have successfully completed my freshman year of high school :cool:

Hello summer!!!!!

Let's go, my final exams are this weekend. Then it be my time to have a break before next semester

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401 days since the last post.

740 since this thread had its first post. 

I am restarting this series, now as a Junior in High school. I know not how long it will last, but I will write.



Spanish I

Band Instructional Focus

Math 105 DE

Computer Technician Service 

Physics Honors


World History Honors

English III Honors


RECAP (2020 - NOW)

Freshman year was my first experience with High School. It was not the best starting year due to the obvious implications with COVID. I took classes that I believed would be easy, and didn't stick my neck out at all.


Sophomore Year was a  wild and hectic ride. I took classes that were on par with what I believed I could do now that we had a full year. For reference, I took English II Honors, Biology Honors, Algebra II Honors, Chemistry Honors (Great Choice @Mikenike), Band, and P.E.


I will begin at the 2nd 9wks here within the coming days.

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