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Underwater Exploration Challenge


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Build a vehicle that is able to explore underwater sites. Try to dive as deep as possible. A badge will be awarded for participation on request (I won't send you one if you don't request it).


No mods, no cheats.

No using glitches (K-Drives, ZK-Drives, etc.)

The sub must be launched from the KSC runway and into the water off the coast of the KSC. From there, you MUST travel by water to your dive site.

Vehicle Classes (Choose 1):

Submarine- must carry a crew of at least 1 kerbal (+5 pts)

ROV- must be unmanned (+10 pts)

MiniSub- must be under 10 tons (+15 pts)

DSEV- must be able to exceed 500 m below sea level. (+20 pts)

Depth Scores:

100 m: +25 pts

200 m: +30 pts

300 m: +35 pts

400 m: +40 pts

500 m: +45 pts

... and the list continues (by +5 points per 100 m)


Photos/Video submissions only please.



  1. @ralanboyle mini ROV "Sub 1" reached a depth of 1092m Below sea level- 110 pts
  2. @Klapaucius mini-sub "Jacques" reached a depth of 1048m Below sea level -105 pts
  3. @dnbattley 5 ton mini-sub "Stratzen-Pellor" reached a depth of 971m Below sea level (claims ability to have infinite depth and range, but photo shows 971m Below sea level)- 95 pts

Outliers (Used Glitches for Max Depth, or Below Ocean Floor):

  1. @Pds314 unnamed sub, would have been 300050 pts.



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Leaderboard update/Rules update
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Thanks to the law of, "Whatever he can do, I can do better." I have seen @Klapaucius's 1048m and gone 1092. I also made it unmanned which is worth an extra 5 points. I made sure to empty fuel until it came in just under the 10 ton limit. I did not do the math, but I assume that is 110 points. 


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35 minutes ago, dnbattley said:

Depending on whether one considers the "stratzen-pellor" (yes, I'm coining it @Stratzenblitz75 ;)) to be cheating, an infinite range/depth (with enough patience) is possible on this manned or unmanned sub 5T mini-sub...


You definitely should not need magic wings for a sub lol. I don't even think they're going to outperform BG props, considering that they're like, underwater while their main advantage is supersonic.

Well there is technically still water thia deep. And I did explore it such as it is......

Insofar as I can tell my old submersi-bus got 30050 points on it's maiden voyage. While it may have been slightly spaghetiffied, there is nothing in the rules related to the vessel going below the bottom of the ocean or being ripped apart by a black hole.


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I was actually developing a new challenge for submarines. I got late to the game I guess... I might participate.

(I shouldn't have taken too long for each submarine example)

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