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Can i create Normal maps for kopernicus planets using kittopia tech?

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Hi, i am new to the KSP forums so I don't know if this is the right place to make this topic (add on development), but i am creating a planet pack with kopernicus and  a continued kittopia tech mod. i know how to create Hight and color maps for planets/moons but not normal maps,  I've seen someone say that you can create normal maps using kittopia tech but they didn't say how, is it possible and how?

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Yes I do it all the time.

First, you go into that planet's config in kittopia, go into ScaledVersion and click the "TextureOptions" node. In there, set the texture delta to the deformity of your heightmap. After that, go back out into the planet's ScaledVersion node, and click Rebuild ScaledSpace Textures. The game will update the planet automatically, but the normal map/height/color maps are saved in the Kittopia Folder in your GameData.

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