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I get a strange console message and i can't time warp

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this is the message. pressing time warp has no effect.

saving, restarting pc, reloading has no effect on it. i can chance control to other ships outside of physical range, and when controlling those, i can time warp. then i go back here, and i cannot.

docking the ship didn't make a difference either

what the hell is happening?


EDIT: the effect seem to have ended when all vessels went out of physical range

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5 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

ok, how would i go about reporting one?

Go to the bugtracker: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/

create a login and password. There's a button at the top for "new issue". Fill it all in, including a screenshot (the one you posted above is fine), your KSP.log file, and a savegame. The QA team looks at the tracker, and they will respond to a well documented bug report. Make sure to tell them exactly what to do to get the AAORE to spam like that. Use "AAORE spam" as your title if you like.

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