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Realism Overhaulm DaltaV in KSP1.10.1

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Hey guys,

I have a good working RSS/RO modpack for the Version 1.10.1

Everything is fine only the fact that something seems wrong with the delta V maybe i am also just not good with RSS :)

But the thing is I have a Rocket that uses 42000kN  thrust for a payload of 18tons... that should end in an orbit 400KM aboth earth. SpaceX needs only about 10.000 kN thrust for 21Tons.

But it makes also nearly no difference with the deltaV if I am on the surface of the earth or somewhere in space it changes only 1000 deltaV. 

I am new with Real Solar System so maybe it should be like that and I am just building wrong...

I have uploaded my Modpack and the craft-file on Mega so you can check it out.

I dont know if I am allowed to show the link to everyone for Copyright reasons but you can ask me to [email protected]

hopefully you can help me :D 


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