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Pathfinder Omniconverter Graph


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I made a graph, at first for my own use, of all the possible processes which an OmniConverter (from the Pathfinder mod) can be set up to execute.  Note that the Ponderosa permits only a subset of these processes to be used.  I license it under CC-BY-SA 4.0.  The graph is quite large, so I put it beneath a spoiler.

Ovals represent resources.  Red boxes are those processes which consume Electric Charge.  Green boxes are those processes which generate it.  An arrow from a resource to a process represents that that resource is a reactant in that process.  An arrow from a process to a resource represents that that resource is a product of that process.

The graph: (3520x1403 PNG, 736 kB)



This graph could be improved by putting consumption and production rates on the edges, and also EC consumption or production rates on the process nodes.  It could also be improved by tidying up the edges some and indicating which resources can be produced directly from a resource extractor.

Here, beneath another spoiler, is the DOT source code:


digraph hacienda {
	//edge [samehead=true,sametail=true];
	node [shape=box,style=filled,fontcolor=white,tailport=s,headport=n];
	"Haber Process" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Water Purifier" [color="#7F0000"];
	"OPAL Processor" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Nitronite Condensor" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Nitronite -> Monoprop" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Xenon Separator" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Water Splitter" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Cryofuels Maker" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Propellium Distiller" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Oxium Distiller" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Watney Rainmaker" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Blutonium Extractor" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Equipment Printer" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Make Konkrete" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Rock Melter" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Blutonium Enricher" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Blutonium Salter" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Recycle NuclearWaste" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Coolant Processor" [color="#7F0000"];
	"FusionPellets Processor" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Research Kit Assembler" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Smelt Metal" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Recycle Scrap Metal" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Equipment Scrapper" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore -> LFO" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore -> Monoprop" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore -> LF" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore -> Ox" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore Melter" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Lab Time" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Science!" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Hydrokerbon -> RHK1" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Ore -> RHK1" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Hydrokerbon -> Raptium" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Hydrokerbon -> LFO" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Hydrokerbon -> LF" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Hydrokerbon -> Ox" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Oxium -> Ox" [color="#7F0000"];
	"Rock Dust Sifter" [color="#7F0000"];

	"LFO Fuel Cell" [color="#007F00"];
	"Propellium Fuel Cell" [color="#007F00"];
	MPU [color="#007F00"];
	"Auxiliary Generator" [color="#007F00"];
	"Nuclear Reactor" [color="#007F00"];
	"Fusion Reactor" [color="#007F00"];
	"EPS Transformer" [color="#007F00"];

	node [shape=ellipse,fontcolor=black,width=1,height=0.5];
	"LFO Fuel Cell" -> {Water, Slag};
	{LF, Ox} -> "LFO Fuel Cell";

	// Propellium Fuel Cell
	"Propellium Fuel Cell" -> {Water};
	{Propellium, Oxium} -> "Propellium Fuel Cell";

	// MPU
	Monopropellant -> MPU;

	// Haber Process
	{Minerite Ore } -> "Haber Process" -> Compost;

	Ore -> "Auxiliary Generator" -> { Slag} ;

	{Nitronite"Gray Water"} -> "Water Purifier"
		-> {Water, Slag};

	{Ore} -> "OPAL Processor" -> {Water, Slag};

	{"Intake Air"} -> "Nitronite Condensor" ->

	// End of Ponderosa

	"Nuclear Fuel" -> "Nuclear Reactor" -> {"NuclearWaste"

	"FusionPellets" -> "Fusion Reactor" -> {
		"Electro Plasma"};
	{"Nitronite""Propellium"} ->
		"Nitronite -> Monoprop"
		-> {"Monopropellant""Oxium"};

	{Zeonium} -> "Xenon Separator" -> {"Xenon Gas",
	{Water} -> "Water Splitter" -> {"Oxium",
	{Water} -> "Cryofuels Maker" ->
		{"Propellium", "Ox"};
	{LF} -> "Propellium Distiller" -> {"Propellium",
	{Ox} -> "Oxium Distiller" -> Oxium;
	{Monopropellant, Oxium} -> "Watney Rainmaker" -> {
	{Explodium} -> "Blutonium Extractor" -> {Blutonium,
	{Ore, PreciousMetals, Minerite} ->
		"Equipment Printer" ->
	{Water, Minerite, Slag} -> "Make Konkrete" ->

	{Rock} -> "Rock Melter" -> Konkrete;
	{Blutonium, Hexagen} -> "Blutonium Enricher" ->
		"Nuclear Fuel";
	{Blutonium, Water} -> "Blutonium Salter" ->
	{NuclearWaste} -> "Recycle NuclearWaste" ->
		{"Nuclear Fuel""Xenon Gas"};
	{Water, Ore, Zeonium, Minerite} ->
		"Coolant Processor" ->
	{Hydrokerbon, Oxium} -> "Hydrokerbon -> LFO" -> {LF, Ox};
	{Ore, Water, Minerite, Hexagen} ->
		"FusionPellets Processor" ->
	{Ore} -> "Research Kit Assembler" ->
		"Research Kits";
	{"Metal Ore"} -> "Smelt Metal" -> Metal;
	{"Scrap Metal"} -> "Recycle Scrap Metal" -> Metal;

	{"Equipment"} -> "Equipment Scrapper" ->
		"Scrap Metal";
	{Ore} -> "Ore -> LFO" -> {"LF""Ox"};
	{Ore} -> "Ore -> Monoprop" -> {"Monopropellant"};
	{Ore} -> "Ore -> LF" -> "LF";

	{Ore} -> "Ore -> Ox" -> "Ox";
	{Ore} -> "Ore Melter" -> Konkrete;
	{"Research Kits"} -> "Lab Time" -> "LabTime";
	{"Research Kits"} -> "Science!" -> Science;
	{"Hydrokerbon"} -> "Hydrokerbon -> RHK1" -> RHK1;
	{"Ore"} -> "Ore -> RHK1" -> RHK1;
	{"Hydrokerbon"} -> "Hydrokerbon -> Raptium" ->
	{"Hydrokerbon"} -> "Hydrokerbon -> LF" -> LF;
	{"Hydrokerbon"} -> "Hydrokerbon -> Ox" -> Ox;
	{"Oxium"} -> "Oxium -> Ox" -> Ox;
	{"Rock"} -> "Rock Dust Sifter" ->
		{Ore, Slag, Minerite, Nitronite};
	{"Electro Plasma"} -> "EPS Transformer";



Edited by MalneyKerman
I put the code for my smaller Ponderosa graph in by mistake
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