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Why can my level 1 pilot access all of the SAS abilities?

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Ah now I remember, what I could check in 1.11.2, but haven't played much, yet... This bug was introduced in 1.11.1. I couldn't find a proper changelog for 1.11.2, the announcement had a really short one:

On 3/16/2021 at 5:31 PM, UomoCapra said:


=================================== v1.11.2 ============================================================
+++ Bugfixes
* Fix craft can wobble or even have some parts destroyed when interacting with parts and inventory slots during EVAConstruction in Flight.
* Fix NRE on returning to physics range of RCSFX on command pods causing game to become non-savable or usable in some cases.
* Fix the Place Anywhere 1 linear RCS part thrusting the wrong way.
* Fix same part collisions invalidating valid EVA construction placement on some parts.
* Fix Resource App resource totals UI display for EVA kerbals carrying multiple resources including EVA propellant total on every resource.

And the wiki seems not to be updated, yet:

Version history - Kerbal Space Program Wiki

So if you are using version 1.11.2, this might tell us, it wasn't addressed in the update. Which is very likely to be the case.

The bugs were mentioned here, where's also no hint about having them fixed:

Bug #27162: SAS options do not correspond to the pilot - Kerbal Space Program - Squad Bugtracker


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