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can't press the launch and revert to KSC buttons in the VAB because of a NullReferenceException

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I have the problem since a long time, I'm playing on a modded 1.11.1 install and everytime I go into the VAB and launch it works, or if I go into the tracking station it works, but if I want to launch a second time or go out of the tracking station and go into another building it doesn't work and I'm getting a NullReferenceException. I only have this problem in this modpack, I have never encountered it anywhere else.

question: is the error message here sufficient for the locationing of the problem?


(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at ScenarioModule.Save (ConfigNode node) [0x0009e] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at ProtoScenarioModule..ctor (ScenarioModule module) [0x0003c] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at ScenarioRunner.UpdateModules () [0x00055] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at ScenarioRunner.GetUpdatedProtoModules () [0x00005] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at Game.Updated (GameScenes startSceneOverride) [0x000a7] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at GamePersistence.SaveGame (System.String saveFileName, System.String saveFolder, SaveMode saveMode, GameScenes startScene) [0x00045] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at FlightDriver.StartWithNewLaunch (System.String fullFilePath, System.String missionFlagURL, System.String launchSiteName, VesselCrewManifest manifest) [0x0002a] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at EditorLogic.<goForLaunch>b__312_0 () [0x0001d] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at CallbackUtil+<DelayedCallback>d__1.MoveNext () [0x0007c] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 
  at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00027] in <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0 
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)
(Filename: <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511> Line: 0)


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5 minutes ago, Rambow_Ninja94 said:

do the buttons acknowledge that you have a mouse over them?
If not, you may want to use the altF12 menu to clear input locks.
If they are interacting, then this is out of my field of expertise

yeah, they interact, I also cleared the input locks multiple times but it didn't work

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