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Moving very high part count craft to location

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Does anybody have any recommendations on how to get very high part count,  roughly 5+ kilo-parts, craft from the VAB/SPH to its final destination? 

Right now my plan is:
- launch it.
- Go plant a coffee tree
- Come back hyperedit to orbit over the desired location
- harvest coffee tree
- have it land on the surface using hyper-edit
- roast beans
- position view for screen shot
- enjoy cup of fresh brewed coffee
- take screen shot and share
- ???
- profit!

Any better ways? Or am I looking at enjoying freshly brewed coffee the long way?

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No idea but with that many parts, I’d make a cup for the Kraken as well who is sure to visit. I think Hyperedit is the only way as it is unless you split it down into smaller parts and make multiple trips.

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There is a mod called hangar that allows you to store parts inside unloaded, but don’t know if there are any big enough for a 5,000 part craft, maybe with config editing you could make one hold that amount? If not... well at least you will have some good coffee .

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I had thought of  UbioZur Welding. But I've got a fair number of moving bits and bobs on that Weld tends not to like too much. As I recall it was one each.  Though I might be able to reduce it to 1 to 2 kilo-parts. I think with some of my earlier work I was only shaving twenty-five percent or so. The problem is the solar panels, large radiator panels, and the don't hit me lights. I recall them not siting nice on welded parts. I may have to try again to see.



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