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Can't stack stackable cargo


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I used to be able to put more than one EVA Repair Kit or such in one square of a cargo container, but for some reason, I have not been able to for months. This happens with any/all items that once put in a cargo slot has that green bar on the right with a 1 beside it, but I can never get it to 2. I removed many of the mods I was using that dealt with parts when 1.11 hit, but kept the Feline Rovers because I hate making rovers. The rest of the mods I use are for UI like Atmospheric Autopilot and Mechjeb. There is likely a part of a mod that CKAN didn't remove which is causing it. It likely asked me if I wanted to delete the folder and I didn't or vice versa. Before I post a full list of mods tho, I was just wondering if anyone else has heard/seen this happen. I hope someone has and there is a simple fix that I am overlooking. Thanks in advance.


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25 minutes ago, Vanamonde said:

Is this from before the engineer construction features were added? 

It's not stuff in a cargo bay that opens and closes. It's the Cargo category. Usually for when you need to do the (broken) repair this part on that craft missions that you would need to use them. EVA Repair Kits, EVA Science Kit, Small lights, some small solar panels, the drogue parachute that does not need an attachment point (the small one). These are all things that can stack in the Cargo Containers.. or they should, but I can't for some reason. I grab a second one and click on the spot where the first one is and it just clicks. No extra part added, but the Container shows that it would have room for it (in Liters). I was able to do it for a while after it was introduced, but something changed and I'm not sure what. I thought it was just a glitch that would be fixed, but still there after a few months of waiting, so posting here.

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I can see this thread never got a solution, but as this is literally the only relevant Google result (other than a six-year-old one for KOS which I don't have installed) I'm going to cross my fingers and hope this new post will stimulate a better result as I have either the same or related issue.

I can stack all stackable items (stock, KIS, and KAS) with the expected quantity limit (yellow number) and volume calculation (green bar) in some non-storage parts which have had inventory capability added to them (ex. any crewable command module).

I can stack only certain stackable items (wrench, screwdriver, explosives, and KIS manual to be specific -- nothing else as far as I can tell) in actual inventory-specific cargo containers (ex. SN-01 Portable Container, SN-07K Container, etc.). There is no inventory or volume limit for these items but there is right-click +1/-1 functionality.

All other stackable items (ex. EVA Repair Kit, AAS-4 Strut Connector, JS-1 Joint Socket, RTS-1 Resource Transfer Station, etc.) will not stack in any inventory-specific cargo containers like they should.

I have tried and removed KIFA (Kerbal Inventory For All) as a possible solution but saw no change in stackable behaviour.

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Update: After a LOT of reading, I think I was confusing the new stock inventory system with KIS and how each system works.  In any case, I had a persistent Unity-crashing conflict (99% sure it was KSP_PartVolume) that forced me to uninstall and reinstall all mods and KIFA is now functioning normally (install order issue?) which solved my "stock" stackable-parts-not-stacking problem.

There is a secondary issue (or bonus feature, depending on your point of view): Containers now have two mostly-independent inventories -- stock and KIS -- but this isn't a Breaking Ground issue so I'll continue this conversation in the KIS thread if having two inventories in the same container proves to be a problem.

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