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Grand Slam Passive Seismometer - distance attenuation measurements


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Hi all,

I had a big ship hit within 200 m of a passive seismometer on the Mun and only got 3 science points- very annoying.   I'm not the only one.  @RizzoTheRat

Perhaps we should read the directions:


What point? I did some trials:


My best effort was >0.9999 at 3978 m. It impacted >1000 m/s and I got >100 science. That's more like it!

Using the Impact Marker in Kerbal Engineer Redux is very helpful.

I don't know if the optimal distance is the same for other celestial bodies. Please report if you try it elsewhere. Good luck!

5/9/21 update:  I got a  quite satisfying gigajoule impact on Minmus for 354 science. Attenuation was 88% at 6491 m, so the curve does seem different on Minmus. Details from KSP log:


[LOG 17:39:08.939] [DeployedScience]: Seismic Event Detected on Minmus - Impact of 1222319617.43778J. Total Mass 0.2375. Initial Velocity 3208.304. Distance 6491.70080508392. Distance Multiplier 0.88008576631546
[LOG 17:39:08.939] DeployedScience]: Diminishing Multiplier: 1 SolarPanel Multiplier 1 DataScale 1 Science Limit 400 Impact Percentage 57.65659 Placement Trait Modifier 0.45
[LOG 17:39:08.939] [DeployedScience]: Impact Science Data Generated 79.99602
[LOG 17:39:08.940] [Research & Development]: +79.99602 data on Surface Deployed Seismic Sensor from Minmus' surface. 354 Science added. Subject value is 1.00
[LOG 17:39:08.942] [DeployedScienceExperiment]: Surface Deployed Seismic Sensor from Minmus' surface generated 354.372 science.
Sensor Readings affected by Impact Energy: 5766%
Distance Attenuation: 88%
Setup: 45%
354.372 Science Points transmitted back to Kerbin
[LOG 17:39:08.942] [DeployedScienceExperiment]: scienceGenerated:354.3715 by RnD not equal what we expect:399.9801


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Dunno if I ever wrote it up but I had a kOS script to do controlled (ish) powered descents from orbit to increase the impact speed, but got disheartened by the lack of benefit before I ever perfected it.  I was managing very close impacts by burning straight down and cutting the throttle when I reached the desired impact point, but had planned to try to do it by adjusting acceleration vector to allow for using all the fuel.  Good graph, looks like I should have concentrated on hitting 5km or so away at the maximum possible speed.

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