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Having trouble with learning how to import a finished part into KSP

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I followed this tutorial on how to create a part using Blender, however my imported model does not look the same and I'm not sure why. There are black spots on the top and bottom that shift around when the camera is moved, and also the attatchment nodes are not showing up. Screenshots are attatched:


In Blender:UHdzuTV.PNGIn game (ignore the mirrored text and weird shading on the cylinder sides, I was able to fix that): pvLfq9B.png

I thought this may be related to a warning I got when exporting the part ("Unable to create tangent due to N-gons") but converting the top and bottom n-gons into tris did not fix the black spot. Any help would be appreciated.

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One thing that will cause moving spots is z fighting - two meshes at the same or almost the same distance. If you open the model in Blender and delete the mesh that's flickering and there's still a mesh visible this might be your problem.

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I see that the texture is .dds. Because these are upside-down with respect to other textures, and KSP and Blender treat them differently, it can look ok in one and wrong in the other. I bet if you flip the texture vertically, or scale the UV map y -1 before exporting, you might get the right look in-game.

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